Compared with little Shenyang, why has Yue Yunpeng been popular for 6 years? I can't live without these two people behind me

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compared little shenyang yue yunpeng

People's fate and future are determined by themselves .—— anonymous

Everyone's destiny is not born , But step by step . Everyone's future is in his own hands , It depends on how you choose . Every choice is a change in your destiny , It depends on whether you can seize the opportunity .

Zhao Benshan and Guo Degang are two leading figures in comedy , They brought us many classic works of art , It also brings us a lot of happiness . They have many disciples , But the most popular of the two disciples are Xiao Shenyang and Yue Yunpeng .

Both of them are disciples taken out by the master , They are also very popular with the audience . So why is little Shenyang now in decline , And Yue Yunpeng can still fire until now , Continuing the 6 Year time ?

the sun sinks in the west —— Little Shenyang

2009 year , Zhao Benshan and his apprentice Xiao Shenyang boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala , And Xiao Shenyang relies on a line in his works “ Not bad money ” The fire spread all over the river . Little Shenyang, born in the grass roots, directly became the hottest star at that time .

The successful Little Shenyang has received the endorsement of major brands , At the same time, we also received invitations from major film and television dramas and variety shows , At that time, Xiao Shenyang's value and fame were rising all the time , I received an invitation from the great director Zhang Yimou to participate in the performance 《 Three shots in surprise 》. Then he acted as a male host in many films , But they have suffered a lot of abuse , Even the films are rated as bad .

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