The director of Beijing Satellite TV publicly accused Olympic champion Yang Qian. What happened?

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It is said that “ People are more than good ”, Especially in the era of traffic data , Many people want to be popular , Get eyeballs , Do something weird or focus on people with high traffic “ Make an article ”, In order to win the public's attention , Achieve the effect of fame . Director Liu Hao is like this , No matter what , Publicly accuse Yang Qian who won the first gold medal in the Olympic Games , Said she collected nike shoes , But do not support domestic brands , Many people also stood at the moral commanding height and began to accuse Yang Qian , It turns out that when Yang Qianfa is dynamic , There has been no public anger caused by Nike's boycott of cotton , Liu Hao, who was wronged, quickly sent a document to apologize .

The Olympic Games didn't start long , Yang Qian won the first gold , This gold medal is of great significance , The first national anthem at the Olympic venue is our , This has greatly inspired the morale of the athletes , inspire people . The winning of the first title also made Yang Qian, a young player, be reported by all major media , Become a well-known person . To meet the game , Yang Qian has been training hard , I don't even have time to go home , It can also be seen that she really paid a lot , Patriotism is beyond doubt .

But in the Internet age, some clowns with ulterior motives are destined to appear , Liu Hao is one of them , Publicly accuse Yang Qian . Yang Qian once posted a dynamic on the social platform , There are a lot of Nike shoes in the photo , It can be seen that she likes collecting sneakers very much . Liu Hao also makes use of the topic , Said Yang Qian doesn't support domestic brands , Erke , Li Ning and Anta . Hongxing Erke's performance in the disaster moved many people , It has become a hot spot nowadays , Nike was dissatisfied by most people because of its boycott of cotton in China . As soon as the message is sent , Many people began to follow suit and accuse Yang Qian , Question her position .

When careful Netizens found Yang Qian's hair dynamic , Nike's boycott of cotton hasn't happened yet , So Yang Qian has no responsibility . This incident instantly angered more netizens , For the first crown to suffer this treatment , It's really heartbreaking . Liu Hao looks at the wind direction on the Internet more and more wrong , Apologize quickly and say it's your fault , Didn't see the time , And I hope the Olympic athletes will bravely pick the gold medal , Win glory for our country . This behavior is really bad , It's your reason not to see , Why didn't you post when you boycotted Nike . If Liu Hao wants to attract people's attention , So he did , He succeeded in letting many people know his bad behavior . I don't know what you think ? Feel free to leave a comment .

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