The first business was a mess! The guest knows that the star still has to complain. The quiet slap comes too fast

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business mess guest knows star

lately , Assembled Huang Xiaoming 、 quiet 、 Gong Jun 、 Zhou also 、 Ding Zhen and Yao Anna 6 A star's reality show 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Season 5 is a new comeback , This season by “ Cruise restaurant ” Turned into “ RV restaurant ”, The partner will start from Changsha Yueliang island , Pass through Guilin to the terminal Hainan , We have arrived in three cities to explore Guochao cuisine .# Chinese Restaurant 5#

To be fair , Whether it's program creativity , Or the permanent guest lineup ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 It is very attractive to the audience , But the program's first broadcast was make complaints about it , Be quiet “ connotation ” The speech not only caused controversy , Also implicated Zhao Liying in being scolded .

exactly , Quiet in the entertainment industry for decades , It's impossible not to know that stars should be cautious , But when asked why he joined 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 when , Quiet is obviously doing something , While stressing that you can't say that person's name , While saying that some programs are not good-looking . It can be seen that she really knows what she said will cause an uproar , But she still said , Let the outside world guess .

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