Wang Ke no longer conceals his true relationship with Liu Tao. What is the situation?!

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wang ke longer conceals true

Speaking of Liu Tao and Wang Ke , I think everyone knows that , Liu Tao's impression on the screen is mostly the image of strong women . As a loving couple in the entertainment industry , They are admired by everyone , But is it ?

Now Wang Ke no longer conceals his true relationship with Liu Tao , What is the situation ?

Liu tao

Liu Tao Yu 1978 year 7 month 12 He was born in Nanchang on the th , jiangxi . There are many sisters in her family , Living in poverty . As early as 1993 year ,15 Liu Tao became an excellent literary warrior in his sophomore year . At the time , Liu Tao is a natural beauty , Has a good appearance and temperament . During my three years as a literary warrior , Liu Tao every morning 5 Get up again and again ,6 Point to gather . Besides military training , He also studied stage performance , Run every day 3 Kilometer run , Living a life of carrying water 、 Growing vegetables 、 Simple and hard life such as raising pigs .

2000 year , Liu Tao began to shoot various types of advertisements , By sitcoms 《 Foreign daughter-in-law and local husband 》 The director is in love with , He also plays the smart and capable third daughter-in-law Hu Xing , Thus officially enter the performing arts circle . from 《 A foreign daughter-in-law, Mr. Honda 》 After jumping out ,solo Liu Tao has a broader prospect ,

She works with Qiongyao , Become 《 Princess huanzhu 3》 Princess Moussa .

Express , Qiongyao's vision is accurate , It's also proven . Liu Tao's classic face is very durable , Suitable for the past and the present , And very popular on the screen .

stay 2004 year , Liu Tao became 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 Ah Ju ,

, This has become a great breakthrough and turning point in her acting career . The white lady she plays is also very classic . after that , Her work continues .

Later on 《 The last princess 》、《 So it's you 》 Excellent acting in ,

It laid the foundation for her to become one of the most popular actresses in the Mainland . Liu Tao's road to acting can be said to be smooth , To obtain the “ Golden Eagle ” The honor of . Best performing art award , Also served as Special Olympics Ambassador , What really made the early Liu Tao famous was Qiongyao Opera 《 Princess huanzhu 》 The Burmese Princess mousha in .,

Same year , Starred in a martial arts drama adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》,

As Aju , Is a beautiful woman who died for love , She won the Golden South most attractive actress award for her role . Have to say , Liu Tao's early resources were also quite rich , Including Qiongyao opera and Jin Yong Opera . At that time, every film was a big production , The ratings are very high .

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