Finally, Feng Shaofeng's mother told Zhao Liying the fundamental reason for her divorce. What is the truth?

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finally feng shaofeng mother told

Feng Shaofeng took his mother to the variety show , When asked how to treat her daughter-in-law Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng , Mother said frankly that Zhao Liying's education is too low , Too strong character , Let the husband have no place at home . Although her business is running well , But she also mentioned her rural origin , This is not commensurate with her status as a rich family . Feng Shaofeng's mother said , The root cause of their divorce was Zhao Liying's refusal to have a second child , She didn't take good care of her family , Because of her strong dedication , So that the couple gradually fell into a rift , Final break up .

Now , Star divorce has become a very common thing , After all, the whole social atmosphere has become very tolerant .

Besides , Before Yang Mi divorced the female star , They are not affected by any career . But generally speaking , Even after the star couple divorced , She rarely mentions each other , Leave a little face for the other party . However , What people didn't expect is , After Zhao Liying's divorce , Someone broke the news that her mother-in-law talked about the reason for divorce , This makes many girls feel unacceptable .

Nowadays people usually gossip . Just see a couple of stars divorce , Just want to know what happened between them . After Zhao Liying's divorce , Many people began to speculate that there was something wrong with the relationship between husband and wife , Or Feng Shaofeng has someone else outside . Under the constant excavation of people , Maybe someone saw a business opportunity , The news broke out : The real reason why her mother-in-law said she wanted a divorce was that Zhao Liying didn't want to have a second child .

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