She is Guo Jingjing's best friend, worth 10 billion. After suffering from depression, she jumped out of a building with her baby in her arms

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guo jingjing best friend worth

She is Guo Jingjing's best friend , Worth 10 billion , After suffering from depression, he jumped from a building with a baby in his arms and died

Each of us will encounter all kinds of difficulties and pressures in life . It could be work pressure , It could also be family pressure . Of course , Artists in the entertainment industry are no exception . Many stars can't accept psychological pressure , Chose extreme ways to separate the world . Today we are going to talk about Guo Jingjing's best friend Luo Lili .1 month 6 Japan , She held herself in her arms for only 5 A six-month-old child jumped out of a building and died , It has aroused the speculation and discussion of many netizens , Luo Lili has lived a rich life since he was a child . His father is the boss of a listed company , Her parents love her very much , Live the life that others expect .

But she suffered from depression after giving birth , Finally, in an extreme way , Holding her only 5 A month old child , Left the world .1 month 6 On the afternoon of Sunday 4 P.m. , The security guard on duty patrolled the community as usual , Suddenly I heard a voice , The security guard followed the sound , Got a fright .

At that time, Luo Lili fell into a pool of blood without clothes , There's a baby next to , She lost her acquaintance at that time , He didn't come back after being sent to the hospital , Soon the matter was exposed by the media , Netizens also have different opinions . Some people think Luo Lili's approach is too extreme , Children have just come to this world , I haven't experienced anything yet , It was over , It's really cruel .

Some people sympathize with Raleigh's experience , Have doubts about this , What did she experience before she died ? We can learn from the dynamics of Luo Lili before he died . She got pregnant before she got married , It's a single mother , Her other half is emerging one after another , But her attitude towards life is very pessimistic , According to her best friend , After lolly had the baby , The physical state is constantly very poor , Plus no one around to take care of , May have received a lot of psychological pressure , It's a pity that she left .

In recent years, the number of patients with depression has gradually increased , Xiaobian sincerely appeals to you to cherish your life , love your life .

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