Zhang Yuqi asked her boyfriend sharply in the love program: do you want to raise me or take care of me? Her boyfriend's answer was very clear

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zhang yuqi boyfriend sharply love

In recent days, ,《 The love of daughters 》 stay 7 month 31 Premiere on , Zhang Yuqi and her former gossip boyfriend Li Bingxi also joined this issue , In the program, the two also generously admitted their relationship .

In the interview , Li Bingxi sat next to Zhang Yuqi , In front of the camera, he generously admitted that Zhang Yuqi was his girlfriend , And Zhang Yuqi around looks like a cute cat , Sit aside and smile sweetly .

Talking about how two people know each other , It turned out that Li Bingxi was on the program before 《 The love of music 》 I have already paid attention to Zhang Yuqi , No one wants to vote for him , He thought she was the best , Then Zhang Yuqi took the initiative to come and chat with him , Then they felt they could talk very well , Zhang Yuqi also said : He didn't tell me well , Just so confused .

In the pilot film of the program, Zhang Yuqi talked about her boyfriend's happy face , He said he didn't like being younger than himself before , Because I thought older people would have a sense of security , But after meeting Li Bingxi , The point of view has changed , And Li Bingxi gave her a sense of security . No matter where he drinks, he will report to Zhang Yuqi , Reassure him . Because I don't want to worry about my boyfriend every day like my aunt or mother , That's really tired . Zhang Yuqi called Li Bingxi very sweet .

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