Endorsements successively terminated cooperation, and Xiaos was scolded by his mother and husband: please don't block the manufacturer's netizens

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endorsements successively terminated cooperation xiaos

8 month 2 Japan , Small S Due to making improper remarks, he boarded the hot search , Then many brands announced their termination , Termination of cooperation in succession , These include Clear Qingyang shampoo 、 Shou quanzhai 、 Clothing brand JORYA、 Adult sugar , One after another expressed their friendship with Xiao S Their cooperation with their daughter Xu Xiwen has expired . Professionals estimate , Small S Terminate cooperation with the four brands endorsed by Xu Xiwen , Let mother and daughter lose about 3200 NT $10000 , How can a heavy one describe .

To put it bluntly , All this is still small S It's up to you , The Tokyo Olympic Games have been criticized since its opening , After all, it's really not doing well , But little S But I don't think so , Always pay attention to the players in Taiwan Province , Often in the international media Instagram Make comments and developments on , A few days ago, it was spread that her little daughter collided with an athlete in the face , Once upon a time on the hot search .8 month 1 Friday night , All gold and silver medals in the badminton group of the Tokyo Olympic Games were won by Chinese players , Taipei athlete Dai Ziying won the silver medal , Small S At the first time Instagram Dispatch “ Defeat is glory , But I almost died ”, At the same time, continue to send documents “ My friend said you would invite all the national players to dinner at home ”, It immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens .

“ National hand ”? What's the meaning of this? ?

Small S Know what you know , Such a shady remark is unacceptable , I have to doubt little S The position in front of major right and wrong , Crazy powder for a time , In the early morning of the next day, many enterprises announced their cooperation with small enterprises S News of termination of cooperation , Top the hot search list .8 month 2 Sunday night , Small S My mother told Taiwan media that :“ Small S She was just scolded by her husband and me , Now I'm very depressed , Need to be quiet , Terminated by the manufacturer , Completely out of the small S The expectation of , She is just too enthusiastic about her support for the Tokyo Olympic Games , But she respects every athlete 、 sport event , Please manufacturers and netizens don't block her , I hope the manufacturer will not affect the product sales due to this storm ”. More Than This , Yesterday was a little S Also officially respond to the storm , Call yourself not Taiwan independence , I hope everyone will be healthy during the epidemic , And for such a response , The attitude of netizens is also mixed .

good heavens , Small S Mom said so much , Not at all , Small S And no real action has been taken , How can it be accepted ? To put it bluntly , It's just that I'm afraid of the disappearance of fame and wealth in front of me , The family knows where today's luxury life comes from , There is no doubt that they are worried about losing their money , But what you say is not so easy to take back . actually , Small S The whole family is one character from beginning to end , No wonder every time Wang Xiaofei makes patriotic remarks , Big S I'm going to divorce him , Not long ago S And divorced Wang Xiaofei because of the vaccine incident . Wang Xiaofei is really a man , It's a pity that I didn't get a good wife , I have to fly to Taipei to look after the children , Big S I've always been reluctant to go to Beijing and settle down with Wang Xiaofei .

Yes, of course , There are not many Taipei artists who can tell right from wrong , Jay Chou 、 Huang an 、 Huang Yaoqing 、 Zheng Zhihua 、 Zhang Shaohan and Ouyang Nana et al , Have been outspoken that they are “ Chinese ”. Zheng Zhihua almost broke his leg in his early years , Ouyang Nana now has the trend of developing into the second Zheng Zhihua , Whether in domestic or international media , Her personal introduction has always been from “ Taiwan Province of China ”, And repeatedly stressed that he is Chinese , Be proud of your motherland , That's what artists really should do , The most basic position must not be vague !

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