He Saifei, 58, also has charm. He wears long skirts and curls, classical and exquisite, and natural clothes are old and noble

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saifei charm. charm wears long

writing / Xiaorun

At the mention of 58 Year old actress he Saifei , I believe many friends will think of her artistic contributions to Yue Opera and film and television drama , Outstanding brilliance is admirable . But today , We don't talk about Mr. He Saifei's artistic achievements , Instead, let's talk about her clothes .

Everybody knows , Mr. He Saifei was a slim and beautiful classical beauty when he was young , And now she 58 I'm old , The body also has the trace of getting fat . But even if she's fat , It is still fashionable and amorous , Her private clothes today are western and ancient , It is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly mothers to learn and reference .

One 、58 Analysis of he Saifei's private clothes

Beige print shawl with dark brown dress , Mr. He Saifei's suit goes with , Classical, elegant and immortal .

Dark brown V The collar dress has a literary and artistic charm , deep V The design of the neckline can decorate the chest 、 Neck and face , Visually thin and small ; The chiffon material is light and fairy , It won't feel heavy on you , The irregular design on the dress makes the piece look very design .

And beige print shawl “ Fold through ”, Elegant and layered ; More Than This , Satin shawls can also add a sense of refinement , Look noble and generous , He Saifei pulled up his curly hair again , The whole person looks very energetic .

Green dress to champagne heels , Mr. He Saifei's private suit goes well with , Simple, foreign and full of style .

The grass green dress is fresh and clean on the body and reduces the age , The loose version has a sense of tolerance , Can hide the fat on your body , For mothers with a slightly fat body , Very friendly ; And the irregular design of the dress skirt , Create a sense of hierarchy , Wearing it gives people a sense of fashion and laziness .

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