Donnie Yen took over the role of Liu Dehua, Gu Tianle and Han Xue in the cooperation of many new films of "fast pursuit 4"

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donnie yen took role liu

lately , A crime action blockbuster starring Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse 《 Anger · Serious case 》 It is the one with the highest box office and reputation in the summer , The box office has also broken through 4 The million mark . As a leader in action films , Donnie Yen will shoot heavyweight works this year and next , Five have been identified .

Donnie Yen's most anticipated play , Or cooperate with the famous Hong Kong director Wang Jing's ancient costume new film 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 2》, Cass includes Lin Feng 、 Janice man 、 Qiu Yinong 、 Louis koo 、 Huang Haoran 、 Fang Zhongxin et al . Donnie Yen acts as a movement guide , He also guest starred a generation of Master Zhang Sanfeng , At present, the film is in post production .

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