Sun drying Zhu Dan's Mansion: the floor to ceiling windows in the living room have good lighting, and the decoration is simple and fashionable

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sun drying zhu dan mansion

Zhu Dan is a famous host of Zhejiang satellite TV , At the same time, she is also a highly skilled actor , She is in " Love obstetrics and Gynecology " The performance in , It's always fresh in people's memory . Zhu Dan also has a happy home in his life , Her husband Zhou Yiwei is very considerate to Zhu Dan , The house in the house is decorated very luxurious and comfortable , Just to make Zhu Dan comfortable . Let's learn more about it !

Zhu Dan always gives people a particularly cordial feeling on the screen , stay " Love obstetrics and Gynecology " The performance in , Have a stubborn and stubborn character , But the most difficult thing is her acting skills that can go deep into the script . She is also a very approachable artist in her life , Usually I especially like watching her host programs , Zhu Dan standing on the stage is particularly shining .

The decoration of Zhu Dan's home is mainly American style , She likes to design the windows at home in the form of floor , You can see that a row of windows are designed in the living room , It adds a lot of broad vision to the home , And floor windows can also bring more light to the home . And the gray American style sofa in the living room , It is placed next to the window and looks very comfortable , At ordinary times, you can also observe the beautiful scenery outside the window through the window .

The cabinets in the kitchen are mainly white , The vegetable sink on the white marble countertop has a special personality , You can see the round stainless steel vegetable washing pool, which is very atmospheric and beautiful . The style of the gas stove next to it is very simple , It's a frame design , It looks simple, but it's really atmospheric . Zhu Dan often cooks at home , Sometimes when Zhu Dan encounters a cooking problem , Also video to other friends for help . It seems that Zhu Dan is too busy at ordinary times , That makes cooking strange .

There is a specially designed gym in Zhu Dan's house , There is a sandbag exercise equipment in the gym , It's quite unexpected that Zhu Dan can beat sandbags , After all, Zhu Dan's image on the screen is particularly elegant . I didn't think she was playing sandbags in the gym , Is a proper image of a woman man , This kind of Zhu Dan is really amazing .

When Zhu Dan faced the monotonous wall of the mansion , Choose to decorate with some hanging paintings with artistic beauty , These hanging paintings bring more freshness and freedom to the home . Zhu Dan is a star who likes art very much , In particular, famous paintings are loved by Zhu Dan , So when Zhu Dan has time , I often go to art exhibitions , Improve your self-cultivation and eyesight .

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