Chen Sicheng card points to celebrate Tong Liya's birthday, bask in the photos of her mother and son, and send blessings for 10 consecutive years

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chen sicheng card points celebrate

Early this morning , Chen Sicheng celebrated Tong Liya's birthday on his social networking website , And the essay says : Duoduo mom , Happy birthday, , Always happy . For a time, it also attracted many people to watch , from “ The wife ” To “ Duoduo mom ”, Change of address , Birthday blessings have not been interrupted for ten years .

In the picture, Tong Liya and Duoduo play the piano together , Although the picture is a little dark , Can't see the child's face , So this is out of the protection of children ; However, some netizens said that Chen Si was sincere and pointed out , I can't see Tong Liya and the children clearly , Express a sad mood . But the whole atmosphere is still very warm , This picture of mother and son playing the piano together , It must be the most rare in Chen Sicheng's eyes , The most cherished , It's just a pity that such pictures can't belong to him in the future .

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