Chen Sicheng celebrates Tong Liya's birthday: after 80 days of divorce, does he regret it?

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chen sicheng celebrates tong liya


Eighty days after divorce , Liyan tong 8 month 8 Birthday , Chen Sicheng still sends blessings as in previous years :

“ Duoduo mom , Happy birthday, , be young forever .”

Divorced , Send birthday wishes to your ex-wife , It's really embarrassing .

Best wishes to Chen Sicheng , Tong Liya responded faintly “ Thank you. ”. Two people are quite decent after their divorce , The birthday wish from Chen Sicheng is very interesting , It was deliberately pinched at o'clock in the morning . "Some netizens commented :“ Card point blessing is also intentional , It's very good that they are well , But I always feel that Chen Sicheng has a little regret , The one who was still affectionate after the divorce , It's often the one you regret most after divorce .”

I agree with this comment , The two of them came to divorce , Chen Sicheng should be the one who regrets most .

Once some people miss , No matter how affectionate you are, there are only laughable .

about “ Chen Sicheng is Tong Liya ” celebrate a birthday , Some netizens' views are very straightforward : If you want to remarry, just say .

Chen Sicheng may really want to remarry , But even if he wants to remarry , Tong Liya won't eat back . Tong Liya after divorce , Chen Sicheng can't stand it anymore . Some netizens asked Chen Sicheng to stay away from Tong Liya , And indeed , Once hurt others so deeply , Know today , Why do you have the original behavior . Now the marriage between two people has come to this stage , It's all made by Chen Sicheng who doesn't know how to cherish .

You don't know how to cherish. Others regard you as a treasure ; You don't know how to take care of yourself ; You once scarred her , Even if you apologize, you can't go back to the past . She once worshipped you , But now there is only one blessing left for you “ Thank you. ”, No more flattered .

Chen Sicheng celebrates Tong Liya's birthday : Eighty days after divorce , He regretted ?


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