Park Baojian and park Xinhui, the five Korean stars who "sell themselves to pay off debts", are on the list for distressing reasons

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“ Sell yourself to pay off your debts ” Of 5 Korean star , Park Baojian 、 Park Xinhui is on the list , The reason is distressing

Park Baojian

Now Park Baojian's position in South Korea , It's equivalent to China's Xiao Zhan 、 Jackson Yi . In fact, the reason why he was forced to embark on the path of artist , It was inseparable from his father's debt of tens of millions at that time .2014 Because of my father , The park Baojian family even filed for bankruptcy , Fortunately, after several years of unremitting efforts . The cause has not only developed by leaps and bounds , And pay off all debts , Finally, we can have another village .


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