He Chaoyun is obviously the daughter of the third Tai. Why does Chen Wanzhen not divide her property and sour her own sister?!

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chaoyun obviously daughter tai. tai

2020 year , Gambling king Stanley Ho died , At the age of 98 year , The legend is over , But the family dispute about him has not been resolved .

《 Mrs. Quartet 》 The upper story , The dispute over inheritance , He Youbang , The mystery of the life experience of the 17th child released after his death , Can be written into a novel .

in fact , Not only is the life experience of the seventeenth child fascinating , And he Chaoyun, the gambling king's favorite daughter , My life experience is still a mystery .

If you want to know the mystery of he Chaoyun's life experience , It is necessary to briefly introduce Stanley Ho, the gambling king. Stanley Ho has a romantic life , There are five women in his life .

First , Stanley Ho , Right arm 、 Yuan Li Wanhua , better 、 Have a mind , The success of having three daughters and one son with Stanley Ho is inseparable from the help of this virtuous wife .

Stanley Ho's second wife is LAN qiongying . It is different from the aggressive style of the eldest lady Li Wanhua , LAN qiongying is gentle and bookish .

After meeting the gambling king at a ball , She was attracted by Stanley Ho's good manners , So she was married by the gambling king . After marriage , They have four daughters and a son , The eldest daughter, he chaoqiong, is the ex-wife of Li Jiaxin's husband Xu Jinheng

The third wife Chen Wanzhen , Is the lowest profile of all wives . She is Stanley Ho and her former Li Wanhua , My personal nurse , In taking care of the gambling king , She and Stanley Ho have deep feelings , So the gambler paid a great price and gave her a mansion . That's it , Not the most beautiful but gentle Chen Wanzhen , Became Stanley Ho's third aunt

And she is he Chaoyun's biological mother .

Angie Liang , Fourth aunt too , It's also the favorite of gamblers at the ball . Angie Liang , With amazing dancing skills , Stand out in the dance world , Successfully married into a rich family , Become Stanley Ho's fourth woman , She is also a mainland female model Xi Mengyao , My mother-in-law .

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