Why did Liu Yijun call meow king? He couldn't become popular because he offended Song Jia

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In recent years, Liu Yijun's popularity is very hot , Audiences who like him call him the best in the world , Although already 51 year , But in excellent condition . Whether it's appearance or figure , Liu Yijun is full of charm , With the pretender and the performance in Langya list , Liu Yijun was successfully remembered by the audience , The cause has also ushered in better development . After rising popularity , Liu Yijun also got the title of meow King , The outside world has always been curious : Why is Liu Yijun called meow King ?

What is Liu Yijun's acting level

Liu Yijun's appearance is handsome and cool , It doesn't fit in with the lovely title of meow King , Why is Liu Yijun called meow King ? It is reported that Liu Yijun always sends microblogs privately with a cat's expression , So fans call him meow King . Although the lovely name doesn't match his image , But the contrast makes it more cute , After accepting this setting , Whenever I see him , I always think milk is fierce . Liu Yijun is an actor with strength and dignity , So for his development , The outside world is curious .

Why is Liu Yijun so popular now

The reason why Liu Yijun didn't become popular until he was middle-aged , It is said that it is because of the actor Song Jia , Liu Yijun was selected by the crew before he graduated , Cooperate with Song Jia as a hero , But he offended Song Jia because he was not smooth enough , So he was kicked out of the crew , Career development is also affected . After offending people , Liu Yijun can't get the play , So he faded out of the entertainment circle and became a screenwriter , But there has always been an actor dream in my heart , So back to the entertainment industry , With the pretender and the performance in Langya list , He was finally noticed by the audience .

Why is Liu Yijun called meow King

The above shows why Liu Yijun is called the king of meow , Liu Yijun is a very excellent actor of strength school , He has no star's airs , They often interact with the audience in private . Although Liu Yijun has less influence in the circle than many old opera bones , But in the hearts of the audience , Liu Yijun is a master actor . I believe Liu Yijun will bring more surprises ,

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