Many people think Huang yibrush has a sense of existence because of financial constraints, but you are wrong to think so

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people think huang yibrush sense

There are more gossip in the entertainment circle , But this kind of gossip comes from the conjecture that netizens have no difference, plus some information they haven't got , Especially for stars to pay such things , Many people will think that this star has no family , Only after financial constraints will they come out again to brush their sense of existence , Or make some living expenses , Many people are right to say so , After all, many stars have low education , If there is no drama, it is difficult to survive in society , But some are not , People are not short of money , Huang Yi is one of them .

2020 Year by year , Netizens found that Huang Yi continuously participated in 3 An entertainment program , Constantly brush the sense of existence , Many people suspect that Huang Yi has no family , There is no source of income , To make money to feed the children , Have to come back again , But if you think so, you are wrong . In fact, Huang Yi is a hidden rich woman .

Once on a variety show , Wang Lin once asked Huang Yi a difficult question , Say what if the man makes less money than himself ? Huang Yi said that he has been making money in recent years , If the man doesn't care about the gap between the rich and the poor , It's also very likely to be with each other . But this time, Wang Lin is not afraid of many things , Then he asked if the man's standard assumption of economic development is enough to sit in the economy , Huang Yi's mother and daughter are used to flying business class ?

Huang Yi replied quietly :“ Then I'll pay them to upgrade , Our family's condition is not that it is not allowed , Rich family ” This response completely exposed Huang Yi's single rich woman .

In fact, we don't have to worry about the economic development of big stars , Or worry about yourself first , A lean camel is bigger than a horse , Although I haven't acted for many years , There is no profit , With Huang Yi alone 《 Marry the right man in the wrong sedan chair 》 After that, the film pay , He has accumulated a lot of wealth .

It's not just Huang Yi who took such a movie , He also acted 《 Huanzhuge part III 》、《 It's perfect 》、《 War on drugs 》 And so on . So have time to worry about others , I've made a lot of money , Little people can't spend all their lives . It's not as good as how you want to earn more .

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