Box office first, worthy of being the best Chinese film in the near future

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box office worthy best chinese

Recent cinema movies , It's cold .

It is time to , A really cool movie ——

douban 7.7, In recent cinema movies, it has a good reputation .

Donnie Yen 、 Nicholas Tse , Director Chen Musheng's masterpiece .

Chen mushengcong 2003 Year of 《 Two male 》 Start , For several years in a row 《 New police story 》、《 Three fork 》、《 Baby plan 》 It has successively achieved both box office and word-of-mouth success in the Mainland , He is one of the earliest representatives of Hong Kong directors going north .

Over the years, director Chen has always adhered to the creation of high-quality genre films ,《 Invisible target 》、《 crack down on drug trafficking 》 Etc , It's enough to make him a top director of Hong Kong Police and bandit action films .

Twinkling of an eye , It has been nearly a year since director Chen died ,《 Anger · Serious case 》 It's finally on .

Almost completely missing in this action film 2021 year , We have finally ushered in the return of the Hong Kong action film hard bridge and hard horse .

As an important film type growing up with a generation of fans, Hong Kong action films , It also has a large number of loyal fans , Whether it can be authentic or not is the most important standard for fans to investigate Chen Musheng's action blockbuster .

First , The scene must be big enough , The action must be cool .

Hollywood movies are becoming more and more popular today , There are only a few Hong Kong directors , Holding resources , I also have the experience and willingness to shoot traditional action films .

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