Xiao Yaxuan's happiness? I didn't expect that each of her boyfriends was a little fresh meat

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xiao yaxuan happiness didn expect

This is not a state that many people envy ...

Be a rich woman ,

Then experience Xiao Yaxuan's happiness .

so exceed 25 year ,

“ Thank you for everything , bye .”

You can't say you don't believe in evil ,

After Miss chic and Huang Hao announced their breakup ,

Just as Huang Hao is about to usher in 25 birthday .

Definitely not out of selfishness ,

Look at Xiao Yaxuan's happiness these years

No, the old leader Elva Remind us of ,

pull oneself together !

You should also believe ,

One day ,

Forefoot Xiao Yaxuan will never accompany her boyfriend 26 birthday ,

Back foot Zhang Yuqi gives you a “ Pictured ”“ Shown ”.

This is not the most shocking ,

The heavy bomb is ready .

Remember 《 The home has children 》 Your fat aunt ?

She was the warm-hearted aunt who knew her from the beginning

Take a breath from home ,

I can't live in Liu Mei's house anymore .

A family gives advice together

As a result, in front of fat aunt ,

All the art of language doesn't work .

Fat aunt is quite in line with the image of aunt marketplace in our impression ,

Warm hearted ,

put one 's finger into another 's pie ,

Never treat yourself as an outsider

Like handsome guys

Oh ,

It turns out that there are traces to follow ...

The outspoken fat aunt's real name is Zhang Haiyan ,

Born in Heilongjiang, she has been careless since childhood ,

Never stage fright ,

Sing wherever you want

1982 In the year ,

20 At the age of, she participated in the work directed by Huang Shuqin 《 Long live youth 》 One of them is Wu Changfu .

It turns out that I feel inferior because I'm fat .

But it also gave her a ticket to enter the film and television industry .

I played 87 edition 《 A dream of red mansions 》 The silly elder sister in

《 Big house door 》 Golden Lotus in

2011《 The police of the new era 》 I love gossiping 、 A fat aunt who takes advantage of small things

《 The Canonization of the Gods 》 Ma Xiaohong with a knife in her mouth and a tofu in her heart

Slowly, the audience began to accept and love her silly sister in the play ,

She gradually found the focus of her life and work ,

More and more confident .

And such a fat aunt ,

Her gossip boyfriends are pretty good at playing .

Not this one can play

It's about looks and age .

Is this the circuitous tactics of the entertainment industry ? High energy ahead, everyone !

On the show and the boy took a selfie ,

Must face to face

It's quite a blatant boast

The man also responded positively

But here we are. 2016 year ,

They didn't do this anymore “ Husband ”、“ The wife ” Such sensitive words interact ,

In fact, it is more brave ,

Directly changed to :“ mommy ” and “ son ”.

Sister Yongzi had two unhappy marriages ,

The first husband, Zhang Zhuo, heard that she was young 11 year , Chocolate shop owner .

They are actually online love ,

Zhang Zhuwen helped her out of the shadow of lovelorn ,

After seven years of running ,

Unfortunately, there is no perfect result .

The second husband Wang Shengli , It's also an actor .

This little girl 16 year .

It is said that ,

Zhang Haiyan was attracted by a group of fitness photos he saw on her microblog ,

Come together after paying attention to each other .

Zhang Haiyan is not care The fact that Wang Shengli is a single father ,

Treat his son like his own .

And then one day ,

Wang Shengli went so far as to openly seek marriage ,

Only then did I know that they had been separated for some time .

Say goodbye to two marriages ,

54 Zhang Haiyan, 25, said that some people still pursue .

Slowly type two words :

admire .

It seems that people have assimilated similar gossip ,

But it's the love affair between little fresh meat and female stars ,

And keeping 、 Rich women and other topics are always linked .

But in fact ,

Zhang Haiyan said that getting along with young friends is more open

Zhang Haiyan in her life loves to study delicious food ,

The program also shared the Heirloom secret of making rice more delicious .

One step first ,

Help yourselves .

Last show ,

Just make a thousand layer Patty

Zhang Haiyan played an indispensable green leaf role in the film and television industry ,

Now it's more about rebuilding the track of life .

Treat affection ,

Zhang Haiyan always believes in her own judgment ,

Face change slowly ,

Don't make too idealistic prediction ,

But still remain pure and naive .

The last sentence ,

Getting along with people of different ages is actually a process of gradually opening yourself ,

Either way of life ,

You can find the right rhythm .

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