Chinese restaurant 5: it's easy and profitable to do variety shows for entertainment

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chinese restaurant easy profitable variety

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Look around the world , There may not be any country's money , There are Chinese entertainment circles to make money .

A new season 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 in , In the face of promoting Chinese Cuisine “ On the tall ” An important task ,5 A resident guest knows he can't cook 、 After receiving a huge amount of film pay, I didn't want to learn a few dishes , Here we go “21 Only open during the day 9 God , Only one meal a day ” Of “ hard ” Mission .

“ Going to the cooking variety show , None of the permanent guests practiced cooking in advance , strange .”

“ Travel with public funds is also paid , Who would look at an ungrounded gas ?”

“ Dummy show .”

The audience may be a little harsh , But think about it , It's not unreasonable .

21 God 6 I only do 9 Meal ,

“ Customers have already selected ”

《 Chinese Restaurant 》 How tragic the reputation of the series ? From 1 Quarter to quarter 4 season ( The first 5 The season is not open yet ), Douban has the highest score 6.8, The minimum 4.8. From this intuitive data that can best reflect public opinion , Word of mouth , This program doesn't exist .

The first 5 After the first episode of the season , Informed netizens said in Douban's reply :“ Taken in Haikou , The century park is surrounded , I thought it was true that I would start a business , In fact, customers have already selected , They recorded it in the fence for five days .”

Every season is a massive sponsorship , Make a lot of money with the support of the audience , But lost the most precious sincerity , This is a 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 The main reason for bad reputation .

The first 1――3 Seasonal , The program was recorded overseas , Chinese stars “ starlight ” It has no additive effect overseas , In this case ,“ Reserve ” The audience performs dining , It's understandable .

The first 4、5 season , Affected by the epidemic , The program cannot be recorded overseas , The whole process is completed in China . The first 4 Mid season , No matter how much performance is involved , The resident guests at least walked out of the restaurant , Door to door . This season , The permanent coffee table didn't go up ,“ Spectrum ” It's big .“ Recorded in the fence for five days ”, It is worthy of the day 208 Million stars , Two legs are really precious .

If you really make up for the program team , The only reasonable explanation is , The popularity of resident guests is too high , As soon as you go out, you will be surrounded by a sea of people , Considering that the domestic audience is too enthusiastic , In order to avoid unnecessary safety accidents , Can only “ Record... In the fence ”.

This excuse is very okay. however , The job of soliciting customers can't be done , You have to serve dessert to cook ?

Huang Xiaoming is a 44 A year old adult , Yes 5 season 《 Chinese Restaurant 》, So far, I can't make an entry-level dish like scrambled eggs with tomatoes , The audience in front of the screen dare to imagine ?

“ Exceptional Princess ” Yao An Na ,23 Year old famous university graduate , I can't tell onions from leeks , Such an ungrounded high cold human device , We mortals can only Reese worship .

Different from the previous four seasons , All the chefs this season “ Resignation ”, Only a bunch of cooking white , therefore , At each stop, the program group arranges well-known local chefs , Let the permanent guests “ Cramming temporarily ”, Learn some local specialties . In the first stop ,5 Gong Jun, a frequent resident and a flying guest ,6 People learn three main courses : Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers 、 Spicy crayfish 、 Stinky tofu . In the face of this “ Vast ” The amount of work , Zhou also 、 Yao Anna proposed : Only one main course per meal , Choose one of three , So you don't rush . Tranquility also agrees : Very good , You're so smart !

Fortunately, Huang Xiaoming stopped the idea of saving trouble in time , otherwise , It's hard not to be scolded on the hot search .

Have a complete look at 1――5 The audience of this season obviously feel , With more and more sponsors , The program team began to consciously reduce the burden on the stars .

From two meals a day + Turn over , To book in advance + One meal a day + Don't turn over , This season ,21 God 6 I only do 9 Ton + Every meal 8 table + Each table 4――8 people , The workload of residents has plummeted , No wonder he was ridiculed as “ Public travel ”.

The audience said :“ Korea's Jiang canteen has two meals a day , In the evening, I took the meat to the dormitory to hammer the meat by hand , Prepare the fried pork chops for the next day , I feel like I can't sleep at all .”

take the reverse into consideration 《 Chinese Restaurant 》. On average , Record a season , Everyone does it every day 2――5 People's food , Tens of millions , Money for entertainment , It's really easy to earn .

Don't force values , embarrassed

Although it's a variety show , But values output , Every season 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Are holding on 、 We must also adhere to our mission .

It's still that question , Insincere .

《 Chinese Restaurant 2》 There's a detail in it , In the French town of Colmar , An old man who loved Chinese food went to a Chinese restaurant twice in a row , But they were treated by permanent guests as “ No reservation ” For refusing . In the whole manuscript ,“ It aims to make Chinese food culture go out of China through the program , Into France , Let more people taste Chinese flavor , Feel the temperature in China , Also with food as the medium , Promote all aspects of China and France 、 Multi angle communication , Enhance the feelings between the Chinese and French people ” these “ On the tall ” Strong output of values , The result was on the show , Resident still gives priority to our own inconvenience 、 Will it add extra work , Other things like “ Let more people taste Chinese flavor ”, It's all secondary .

The most embarrassing thing is the plagiarism question that has followed since the first season .

With “《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Plagiarism ” Search for keywords , Page links that jump out exceed 1000 m .

Although no copyright owner is interested in 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Initiate legal proceedings , But Korean variety shows 《 Yin canteen 》 Director Luo Yingshi once responded to the suspected plagiarism , Confess to “ Not in a good mood ”.

A positive energy program to promote Chinese Cuisine , On the most basic copyright issue, we can't let the audience “ Shut up ”, Talk about what values output ?

Starting with season 4 , This file “ Highlight the pride of Chinese Cuisine ” My program is deformed .

Original , The program is set to promote Chinese cuisine overseas , But the impact of the epidemic , Variety shows cannot be recorded overseas , The first 4、5 All the seasonal locations are selected in China . The problem is , Fade star Aura , These people who can't cook open an ordinary restaurant , Compared with those time-honored brands , There is no advantage in the quality of the dishes . Unless it's to see the stars , Otherwise, I don't understand , What's the need to watch this group of tomatoes scrambled eggs can't do 、 I can't tell onions from leeks 、 Shooting cucumbers requires Baidu stars to promote traditional Chinese Cuisine ?

In the final analysis , Or a pot for entertaining the audience . per diem 20.8 People like to talk about daily salary 208 Wan's star even condescended , Go into the kitchen and cook , The data worker hurried into action , strongly support . star “ Public travel ” After that, I made a lot of money , The program team got sponsorship , The audience , It may take time to gain happiness .

The entertainment variety show is perfunctory to this , No audience is innocent .

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