What happened? Singer Huo Zun was suspected of being unilaterally announced by his girlfriend, but he didn't say anything

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happened singer huo zun suspected

8 month 8 Japan , Singer Huo Zun opens a new relationship , His rumored girlfriend Chen Lu posted a group photo of the two on her microblog , Aithuozun left a loving expression , Announcing their relationship for the first time .

In the photo , Chen Lu snuggled up to Huo Zun , His face is filled with happiness , Huo Zun looked proud in front of the camera , Holding his girlfriend, he showed a very ecstatic expression .

30 Huo Zun is a popular original singer , Always follow the antique route , At the same time, keep a low-key love life , In fact, the two had been rumoured to be dating , The appearance is very well matched and is favored by the outside world , But Huo Zun never responded , This time in 8 month 8 Daily announcement , It must be of extraordinary significance , It makes people wonder if good things come in pairs .

From the photos , Chen Lu looks sweet and has a good figure , Big eyes, melon seed face , The skin is tender and youthful , Beauty is no less than that of a female star .

Although Chen Lu's profile says beauty blogger , But it seems that he intends to develop into the entertainment industry , The personal profile label is “ National second class actor ”, Someone familiar with the matter said , She is a dancer .

however , Chen Lu doesn't have any works for the time being , More of them appear as online celebrities .

There have been reports , Huo Zun contacts Chen Lu 5 year , It's no secret , At that time, Huo Zun was not as famous as he is now , Chen Lu has been with us all the way up to now , They can be said to be true love .

Here's the interesting thing , Chen Lu announced on the microblog for about an hour , Huo Zun has never responded and stated his position , Didn't you think about how to explain to the fans ? Some netizens even teased , The woman seems to be forcing the palace .

In fact, if two people have been dating for many years , From unknown to now , There must be no need for the woman to force the palace at all ?

Huo Zun like a breeze ,2012 Took part in 《 Sound Asia 》 career , With a song 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Open up popularity , Regarded as Li Yugang's “ Successor ”, Then they worked together 《 Catching demons 2》 episode .

Compared with other singers , Huo Zun's topic has always been very low , Because there's no messy gossip , It's the type of singer who performs at the party , Rarely board hot search .

This time, , The woman took the lead in opening the relationship , He rushed Huo Zun to the hot search , Is this being carried away by love ? I didn't respond to my girlfriend .

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