At the closing of the Olympic Games, Wu Jing, the busiest outside the stadium, announced the "end of work", and netizens ridiculed: Winter Olympics meeting

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closing olympic games wu jing

8 month 8 The Olympic Games ushered in the closing ceremony , China to 88 A medal ends , The numbers are quite auspicious . China has developed from a gold medal to the second sports power in the world , It is inseparable from the dedication and efforts of every athlete , Pay tribute to all the athletes !

There is another person who is busier than the contestants outside the Olympic Games this year , It has become a source of daily happiness for netizens , That's Wu Jing .

During the Olympics , A screenshot of Wu Jing's film and television is on fire , Because there are... On the clothes “ China ” Two words , Rated by netizens as “ The best expression bag in China ”.

With the closing ceremony , Wu Jing also humorously wrote : It's over !

The picture is a magnificent sea of clouds , It symbolizes the majestic China of vigorous development .

In fact, Wu Jing has been very tactful , But fans can see the meaning of his sentence at a glance , He also joked that : Congratulations on the end of this Olympic trip , See you next time ! Happy ending ! But Mr. Wu Jing was exhausted , Fork your waist !

There is also a small partner who laughs that Wu Jing is the only unofficially designated cheerleader for the Olympic Games .

There are more friendly reminders from netizens , In fact, it won't take long to rest , The Beijing Winter Olympics will arrive soon : Meet me at the Winter Olympics !

It's about 6 Months later …… Ha ha ha ……

therefore , How good is Wu Jing's expression ? It can come in handy on almost any occasion , For example, when players win the championship , You can proudly say let the Chinese National Anthem ring from Tokyo !

When there is injustice , There are netizens p Figure name “ Every medal in China comes clean ”.

When the Chinese team missed the gold medal and didn't even get the medal , We use Wu Jing's expression pack to encourage athletes : Ranking or not , They are the pride of China !

There is more p God Tu changed Wu Jing's photo , To represent various Olympic events , The most vivid is the following ring movement , At first glance, there is no sense of disobedience .

Fencing 、 badminton 、 Table tennis 、 Shooting 、 Table Tennis 、 Weightlifting …… All have !

So in a way , Wu Jing is really busier than the contestants in the Tokyo Olympic Games !

More interesting , Spread out somewhere , Actually, some plain people wear the same style as Wu Jing , And wearing the mask of Wu Jing's appearance , Netizens broke their hearts : Did you pay Mr. Wu Jing the copyright fee ?

“ It's over ” Three words is Wu Jing's first response to this matter in the past two weeks , And his wife Xie Nan sent a document earlier , Full of pride .

Some netizens left a message and joked : Your husband seems to be involved in , But I don't seem to be involved !

in addition , Another busy man outside this time is Sabine , Especially the table tennis game is too fierce , Netizens have talked to themselves that they are too nervous to use their heart , I can't breathe .

Fortunately, Guoping has lived up to expectations , The process is tortuous , The future is bright ! Chinese table tennis defend honor , It is still a high wall for other countries .

Su Bingtian was the flag bearer at the closing ceremony , Although he didn't get a medal in the Olympic Games , But he ran out of the game 9 second 83 The achievement of , Break the Asian record , Has made history , Also our national hero !

Last , Thank you again for your hard work , You must have a good rest when you return home , So are Wu Jing and Sabine !

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