Remember Lisa Rong in love apartment? She married a rich family?

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remember lisa rong love apartment

“ I'll spray you with a mouthful of salt soda ”;

“ A good man is me , I am Zeng Xiaoxian ”;

“ Seventeen seven seven forty-eight thirty-eight women's Day May Day ”……

Welcome back “ Love apartment ”!

The following is the non award competition ,

Which school did Zeng Xiaoxian graduate from ?

What's the name of the program ?

Who is the most afraid woman ?

Announce the answer , He graduated from Jiaotong University ,

The host program is called 《 Your moon, my heart 》,

The woman I fear most is ――Lisa Ficus .

You remember Lisa Banyan ?

Zeng Xiaoxian's beautiful boss , Seeing her is always like a mouse seeing a cat ,

And she has always been a little disgusted with Zeng .

The play , She has another identity ―― LV ziqiao's ex girlfriend .

After a brief love affair , LV ziqiao abandoned others , Play away .

Although she doesn't play much , But victory runs through , It's very existential .

Play the role Lisa Rongrong is Rongrong ,

She graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy ,

Participation 《 Love apartment 》 The former host .

Hosted the blind date program of Oriental satellite TV 《 Make an appointment for Saturday 》,

Also hosted children's programs 《 Little dragon club 》.

Film and TV series , except 《 Love apartment 》 I've played 《 Magic chocolate 》,

《 Love begins with an advertisement 》, She is Mei GUI, a teacher in the Museum Department .

《 Love is back 》, She is a record company producer Xue he .

Now she 39 Year old , Long like this .

Married and have children , My husband is a construction company CEO,

Son Chen Nuo will go to primary school , Long like this .

Rongrong attaches great importance to the cultivation of her son ,

The monthly tuition fee of the kindergarten my son goes to is about fifteen thousand .

# A family of three

Besides , She also arranged a wealth of extracurricular activities for her son .

Nono is learning to draw , Participated in art competitions and won awards .

Participated in “ Little iron man ” match , Finish the race smoothly .

For three consecutive years “ Sparta ”, And they all finished well .

Nono seems to like sports ,

In addition to regular exercise , He also likes skiing .

Besides sports , Nono also likes music ,

I've formed my own band with my friends .

My son is so positive ,

As a mother, Rong Rong is not willing to fall behind .

Look, she's very busy everyday ,

I once ran three places and held two meetings in one day .

She at work , Long like this .

When you're a little less busy ,

She will make breakfast for her son by herself .

She made breakfast , They all have high looks .

Occasionally exercise , So I keep a good figure .

Her home conditions should be quite good , I live in a villa with a garden .

Now the three of them are very happy ,

Her husband said that she named her son Chen Nuo ,

I want to express that I will always keep my promise to my family .

# The new year's Eve dinner cooked by Rong Rong

Now she is really happy ,

But although I often share my daily work ,

It looks very busy ,

In fact, the focus is still on the family ,

Of course, there's nothing wrong with it ,

I'm just a little sorry to think of this .

The last sentence

Orange is really dedicated to meeting the real big lady …

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