Recently, there has been a lot of chaos in the entertainment industry? Give you positive energy immediately. Chow Yun fat was awarded an honorary doctorate

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recently lot chaos entertainment industry

For the recent entertainment industry , The most suitable adjective is “ The atmosphere was foul ” Four words , All kinds of revelations one after another , Almost nothing good , To see more , It's really bad . Many readers in the comment area call for more coverage of positive energy , This time, I will immediately give you a positive energy , Because Chow Yun fat was awarded an honorary doctorate for the third time .

Fage in a doctor's suit , Although wearing a mask , But still in high spirits . This is the honorary doctor of humanities degree awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University to Fage , It is mainly to commend Fage's contribution to Hong Kong films for so many years .

An honorary degree is the highest honor awarded to an individual by a university in Hong Kong , It is mainly to commend the winners for their outstanding contributions to the society . Speaking of contribution to Hong Kong Films , Chow Yun Fat deserves his name .

This is Fage's third honorary degree

This is not the first time Fage has been awarded an honorary degree , stay 1999 year , Hong Kong Academy of performing arts , Just gave Fage a “ Honorary Fellow ”.

stay 2001 In, Fage was again awarded an honorary doctorate by the City University of Hong Kong . so , Fage in his acting career , Contribution to society , It is highly recognized by all sectors of society .

Look at the young artists now , Finally became famous , Start all kinds of tossing , Lost in a materialistic environment , Such as Wu Yifan is a typical example .

Let's look at old people like Fage , Become famous for decades , Still living an ordinary life , A totally , The younger generation should really study hard .

Chow Yun fat is probably one of the most people-friendly movie stars

When it comes to the topic that Hong Kong stars live like ordinary people , Everyone will think of Fage for the first time .

As a famous star for a long time , He is also very rich , But life is no different from that of ordinary Hong Kong people , Or take the subway like most people , Like most people, I also visit the vegetable market , Occasionally in a tea restaurant .

Look at the big stars in the mainland now , Who goes out without ten or eight bodyguards , Not counting the assistant , Regardless of popularity , It doesn't matter if anyone is watching , It's all bodyguards , Domineering travel .

In contrast , Everyone's respect for Fage is even more prominent .

Chow Yun fat has signed relevant agreements , Donation agreement 56 Billion in total personal assets , The reason is moving

Fage's way of doing charity may be different from ordinary people .

The average star may be , Where disasters happen , Just donate somewhere . Others set up their own Charitable Foundation , Do charity through the foundation .

And Fage is 10 It was stated many years ago , After my own death , Will donate all personal assets , The valuation at that time , As high as 56 One hundred million yuan .

Here's the point , Fage said donation after death , So I wonder why he hasn't donated money in recent years. I can shut up .

In the face of public doubts , Fage never responded , Until sister-in-law FA went to a variety show , I talked about it in it , It's a positive response , Also hit a lot of skeptics in the face .

First , After Fage said this , Yes, it has been implemented , Relevant legal agreements have been signed , After his death , Will automatically set up a charitable foundation , All Fage's personal assets will also belong to the foundation , For social welfare .

Secondly, sister-in-law FA also talked about the reason why she wanted to donate all her personal assets , In fact, the leader of donation is fa Sao , Not Fage . It turns out that sister-in-law FA was pregnant with brother FA's daughter , As a result, the child died before he was born , For this reason, sister-in-law FA thinks it's her fault , Years of guilt , so far , They have no children .

Mrs. FA felt that she was full of love for her late daughter , Therefore, we hope that through such donation , Convey that love to more people .

Fage's happiest day , When he was the poorest

A person with a questioning point of view , Maybe I don't know Chow Yun fat very well , Fage is still very different from ordinary stars who want to be popular , For him , The poorest time was his happiest time , Material is never what he pursues .

Fage was born on Lamma Island ,50 In time , There is no electricity .

When I was a child, Chow Yun Fat , I also need to help my family with farm work , So he can plough .

At that time, he wanted a pair of white cloth shoes , He can only go to the beach to pick up flip flops washed ashore by the sea , It's usually single , The snap point on the toe is usually broken , He replaced... With iron wire . The left and right feet are completely different , But Fage still feels very happy .

That kind of happiness comes from a kind of simplicity , Material desires are indifferent , The relationship between people is simple , Fage most enjoys such a simple life .

Can only cherish , Times have changed , The electricity has finally reached Lamma Island , And because of the problem of land acquisition compensation , The original simple local farmers have also become addicted to profit , Fage goes back , The land is still the original land , People are not the original people anymore .

Although Fage didn't return to Lamma Island in the end , But he still enjoys a simple and natural life , Everyone will naturally see all kinds of randomness in his life , That's the life he pursues .

Except Chow Yun Fat , Several Hong Kong artists have received honorary doctorates , There is only one director in the Mainland

In Hong Kong , More than Chow Yun fat has been awarded an honorary doctorate .

For example, Andy Lau 、 Jackie Chan 、 Wang Mingquan 、 Law Ka Ying 、 Zeng Zhiwei and others have been awarded honorary doctorates .

These are evergreen trees in Hong Kong's entertainment circle , They have also made outstanding contributions to the society . What's interesting is that , Mainland artists are rarely awarded honorary doctorates .

So far, , In the mainland entertainment circle , It seems that only Zhang Yimou . And Zhang Yimou once won 6 An honorary doctorate , The international influence of national teachers should not be underestimated .

In fact, there is also a cross-border artist , Barely count , That's Lang lang . He went to a lot of variety shows , So it's half a foot into the entertainment industry . He 2017 He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Hong Kong , Along with his previous doctorate , I have a total of 5 A doctorate .

These data can also reflect , Mainland stars should learn from Hong Kong stars , Spend more time giving back to society .


Congratulations again on Chow Yun fat's third honorary doctorate , Also hope that 66 He is in good health , Continue to bring more wonderful works to the audience . I also feel that , Fage, a generation of old artists, perfectly embodies “ artistic ethics ” Two words , Our young artists should really study hard , Do you think? ? Welcome to chat in the comments area .

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