It's hard not to boast. This is the heroine of martial arts novels

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hard boast. boast heroine martial

Although boasting is not advocated now “ Sky purple MICROSTAR ”,

But as Gao Min said , Recognize genius when you show up that day ,

Is the greatest respect for genius ,

however , It seems that all the young talents in my impression should be like 1992 That year 13 Year old Fu Mingxia ,

Barcelona won the gold medal in one jump , To fame ,

Aggressive , It has the power of a jade charming Dragon ,

But I didn't think 14 A 25-year-old woman from the East Olympic Games 10 Gold from the meter platform All red chan There's nothing murderous ,

It's like a little boy who has been practicing in seclusion since he was born ,

Two worlds inside and outside the pass , I don't know what kind of door I'm going out of

Compared with the Qi field of Fu Mingxia's sword cutting water ,

All red Chan is more like a rosary into the pool ,

In the post game interview, she said she “ I jumped down without feeling ”,

(cr@ Surging news )

This is similar to what boxing champion Zhang Weili once mentioned as host Chen Xiaonan “ Flow state ”,

It's this “ Flow state ” Blessing ,

A few games that have brushed all red Chan will feel very quiet ,

I can't help staring ,

Her starting range is very flat ( Um. , It's the taste of a master pulling a thousand catties in four or two ),

She didn't jump at all because of her achievements on the field ( Because I don't look at my grades after jumping ),

Let alone flustered because of the results ( The referee didn't give this chance ),

( In fact, I haven't seen her after Biwan. I'm very excited )

( The coach lifted her up , She said afterwards that her armpit hurt )

The world outside is changing ,

However, as soon as she stopped, it seemed that the storm had suddenly stopped

One after another perfectly into the water , To master completely “ Water spray vanishing ”,

( Are you afraid of disturbing anyone ?)

The commentator applauded the case ,

Say she “ It's like jumping by the pond at home ”,

This is a brilliant Adjective , It makes people feel that Quan hongchan is only passing by “ Little animals ”,

Facing the water, she has the intuition of small aquatic animals .

Maybe it was a hit with water ,

When I was a child, I went fishing with my brother , I want to play when I see water ,

Initial training , Climbing on the platform is not afraid , Have a natural affinity for water ,

Except for the spirit in water ,

Her stature is also outstanding among her peers ,

Because it's too light to jump from the house, the coach likes it ,

Not only the waist and abdomen are quite strong ( It was untrained ),

( Less than 8 I jumped out more than one year old )

The figure also meets the diving standard , matching 、 beautiful , Even hands are ready to press the spray ,

It's hard to imagine how simple the training environment of Quan hongchan was at the beginning ,

But she is still as fierce as a little beast ,

Even if the training environment continues to improve, there is no relaxation and change ,

However, simple conditions are not worth mentioning in front of absolute talent and effort ,

although 8 year ( It's too late ) Just started practicing diving , I haven't participated in gymnastics before ( There are similarities between the two movements , Gymnastics training plays an auxiliary role in diving training ),

But the results have improved by leaps and bounds , Smoothly meet with two other talented young players ,

( Red sister was so ignorant and naive )

# host : Do you know them both ?

# All red chan :( Vomit the tongue , Shyly shook his head , Pull your clothes ) I've seen it on TV before .

However, compared with those born in a sports family in Shanghai Chen Yuxi ,

Born in Beijing ,4 I trained in the swimming club of the national sports administration at the age of Zhangjiaqi ,

Quan hongchan, born in the countryside of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, is simply “ Counterattack ”( It's strange to use the word genius ),

Participate in three Olympic trials , Two Champions , She qualified for the Olympic Games ,

Although we only use it in the first three weeks of the trial 5 Learn all the movements ……

Step on 14 On the tail of one year old , Jianghu girls don't know that they have been posted a hero post ,

“ Um. , so what ?”

I don't know why ,

I always feel that Quan hongchan is in a state that ordinary people can't hold for a lifetime ,

Cultivation like calm , Craftsman spirit ,

Regard the Olympic Games as 5 An action ―― Not a game , It's dismantling , Then finish

The reporter asked her how she pressed the spray so well ,

Light back two words ―― Practice

It seems that I suddenly understand genius from another level ,

They are immersed in the world of skills , I don't know what Versailles is

Diving close to human limits + The interview that sees through the world of mortals answered ,

Many Chinese media praised her as “ Diving genius is young and mature ”,

Some foreign media even maliciously belittled her as “ Extremely painful diving machine ”?

(8 Embarrassed , such “ machine ”, You can't afford )

But neither “ an old head on young shoulders ” still “ Diving machine ”,

They are just measuring the full red Chan by an adult standard cast by the world ,

Orange thinks it's easy for her to win ,

Under talent , It's nothing more than a child's heart ,

Particularly pure .

I feel that her sincerity in the face of diving has a lot to do with her focus and family ,

Although the family conditions are not good ,

The family is a low-income family , Dad works in agriculture ,

Mom's sick, too ,

( Making money for her mother and treating her illness are the thoughts that support her to go on )

There are many children at home , But there is really no preference for boys ,

5 One of the children who has been reading is his sister , My brother came out early to work ( So don't spray this ),

Her brother covered her ,

I'd rather not make money than watch her play ,

Dad, the wind behind the battery car , She blew ,

Because it hurts, Quan hongchan , Dad never told her about his mother's illness ,

Although hiding a lonely ,

But when Quan hongchan said she didn't know how to read her mother's disease, she really broke the defense ,

And at the championship celebration party , The enterprise gives Quan hongchan a gift 20 Million cash ,

Also declined by my father , Leave only flowers ,

He said he didn't want to consume his daughter's honor ,

A little sad , I'm glad ,

Although the back of a gifted girl is a little crude ,

But not broken .

Maybe Quan hongchan also appreciates diving ,

Except for sports events , I don't know what field can make a pure and poor genius shine so hot ,

Because there is no money. ,

I've never been to an amusement park or zoo ,

( In fact, I can feel a little embarrassed when my sister said that , Better cry )

Want to play games ,

And grab the doll ,

Now we can ,

Say you like spicy strips ,

All kinds of hot strip enterprises immediately arranged ,

Said he wanted to open a small shop , There can be endless snacks ,

It's done ,

Although only because of this Olympic Games ,

But the light is still lit for her ,

Fireworks are still blooming for her .

Although genius is far away from people ,

But genius and the beauty it creates 、 Excitement and purity ,

It makes people worship Reese from the bottom of their hearts .

Quan hongchan is definitely a girl who makes people laugh and cry ,

It's like the red team uniform melts into the blue water ,

She's great , It's a long way , Don't say thank you , Just say blessing .

May she go down with sincerity .

The last sentence ,

Genius girl + have a poor family circumstances + Study and train hard + Hua Shan talks about swords + Calm temperament + The world is famous ,

Here comes the heroine of martial arts novels , The heroine of martial arts novels is really here ……

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