Love is unfortunate, should we find the reason from ourselves?

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love unfortunate reason

“ Girl, come back , Stop talking !”

Lisa �F Son's father , In the observation room, he shouted angrily and sadly, daughter , And before that , Father Li also cried regardless of the camera .

The last guest who lost his temper in the observation room , Or Zheng Shuang's father , That is Zheng Chenghua who threw his pen angrily .

Over half a hundred years old , It's fun to see a girl fall in love , Father Li was crying angrily .

Why is that ?

It's all from Lisa �F Zi's date with fan Kaijie began to talk about .

Li Sha, who has been in love for more than a year �F Zi and fan Kaijie , stay 《 The love of daughters 》 On a date . First stop , They came to Hainan to see the sea , But after departure , Fan Kaijie doesn't help Lisa �F Carry the suitcase , Let Lisa �F Son drive .

from the beginning , Fan Kaijie didn't make a good impression on father Li . Then , Father Li was by fan Kaijie again “ Not interested ” Cry with anger .

The whole trip is Lisa �F Sub arrangements , Where to eat , Where to see the sea , What to do after that , These are pre prepared Raiders .

The whole process , Fan Kaijie didn't help , It is “ free man ”, After landing , the “ Shake hands with the shopkeeper ” But he began to lose his temper .

The weather is too hot , I want to shave my head .

I'm all wet , I'm not in the mood .

It's too hot , I can't sit .

Let's go , It's embarrassing .

Such complaints , Fan Kaijie kept repeating , Irritability overflows the screen . In contrast, Lisa �F Son , And smiling .

In such a contrast , It's not a taste for a father who loves his daughter dearly . Especially at the door of the restaurant “ Merciless embarrassment ”, More angered father Li .

Follow the prepared strategy , Lisa �F Zi took fan Kaijie to the specially prepared restaurant for dinner as planned , The reason is that there is a band at the door of the restaurant , I thought I could make fan Kaijie happy , It can also make the whole journey more romantic . But I never thought , Lisa �F Zi invited fan Kaijie to play musical instruments , Fan Kaijie doesn't want to , And always refuse , Even Lisa �F The child is coquettish + Coax + You can't ask him to be angry .

In front of many cameras , In front of many tourists , Lisa �F Zi has been inviting fan Kaijie , And fan Kaijie has been impatiently refusing , The picture was once embarrassing .

See this , Lee dad finally make complaints about the crazy Tucao fan Kai Jie mode .

“ If this were in my house , I already kicked him out .”

“ Can't you do it for the one you love ?”

“ He doesn't care about Lisa at all �F Son !”

He said , He shed tears painfully , I feel sorry for my daughter's bad luck again .

Because before fan Kaijie , Lisa �F I have a relationship , The relationship left her black and blue .

The reason for the separation is that the boys split up , To get out of this relationship , Lisa �F It took a long time . Often mention this relationship , She can't help choking .

After breaking up , And send messages to each other's mobile phones , Even if the other party has pulled himself black . You can't see each other in life , I saw it in my dream, but I was afraid that the other party had forgotten .

This relationship , Yes, Lisa �F It's gray for me .

But I thought she was in love , Find true love and redemption , I didn't expect another abyss . There is no cheating fan Kaijie , Show perfunctory , Not only can father Li see , The audience can see .

therefore , Father Li loves his daughter , She felt even more unworthy .

Dad loves his daughter. It's understandable , however , After watching the program, I can understand Lisa �F Why is Zi's love unfortunate and bad , This can't always scold boys , Lisa �F Children should also find their own reasons .

The principle of being cheated in the first paragraph is the boy's fault, there is no doubt , But the second love with fan Kaijie , In the process of getting along , Lisa �F The problem of the son is not small .

First of all , Slightly humble, lost self .

In the home , Lisa �F A son is a treasure held in the palm of his parents , You can also know from dad's mouth , Lisa �F Zi is usually grumpy and likes to take his parents out of his anger , The whole family has to let her .

Dad thought she would be so strong in love , Before the program was recorded, she was specially told not to turn her face . However, , As soon as the program is broadcast , Dad is stupid .

Is this still your baby ? Or the proud Lisa �F Son of a bitch ? In front of fan Kaijie, it has completely become “ Worried mother ”.

Arrange all the itinerary , Take the initiative to drive , In the face of his boyfriend's temper, he greeted him with a smile , Be put in an awkward place , It's also lifeless . Arrange hotels and restaurants , Prepare all daily necessities for boys , All kinds of work, no matter how big or trivial .

In this love , Say it well , Lisa �F The son is considerate . It's hard to say , Is to love lowly .

Completely lose yourself , Being with fan Kaijie doesn't seem like a couple , On the contrary, it's like a mother taking her son to travel . No temper , No idea , Everything is dominated by boys' emotions .

So upside down , It's Lisa �F The reason why Zi is in a passive position in love .

As long as boys show an unhappy mood , Lisa �F The child will immediately receive , And actively cooperate with each other's requirements . In the long term , such “ considerate ” It will only make the other party don't care or even take it for granted .

In this love , Lisa �F Zimingxian loves each other more , Even so humble that it hurts , Besides, dad saw her like this .

According to her own disclosure , In the last relationship , Lisa �F The son also pays so . After the boy cheated , Not only did she not realize that it was the other party's fault , Didn't leave each other immediately , Instead, I was sad for a long time , I also wrote songs for each other .

On this matter of principle , Lisa �F The son still loses himself , so , Her character determines her bad feelings . This is a “ disease ”, Dezhi !

second , Living in a novel “ Love brain ”.

As long as you're in love , In love, IQ is zero . Li Sha with fan Kaijie all over her eyes and head �F It's not like this ?

In her eyes , Fan Kaijie did everything right , Disadvantages are also advantages .

Fan Kaijie drinks , She said it was for inspiration .

Fan Kaijie is perfunctory , She said it was personality .

Fan Kaijie is impatient , She said it was her own problem .

Fan Kaijie eats out and doesn't go home , She said : You see , He will report the boys around me one by one , How reassuring .


All in all , Lisa �F You can always find... For each other “ reasonable ” The reason of , Not only convince yourself , And trying to convince the audience . But onlookers see clearly , This is not tolerance , It is “ Love brain ”.

In her eyes , Fan Kaijie has no shortcomings, but all advantages , Even if you refuse her invitation in public , Also because of their own persistence and understanding of music . Even if the other person shows impatience , It's also because I chose the wrong address , He shouldn't come out in the summer he doesn't like , But in winter .

Third , The romance of self moving is suffocating .

In love , Lisa �F The most suffocating thing is self moving , And self righteous romance .

Moved by fan Kaijie's love song and fell in love , From then on, her hair was out of control .

After being with him , Lisa �F Take a group photo wherever you go , All have to be recorded in the form of video . meanwhile , Also collect all kinds of bits and pieces about love , Like movie tickets 、 Plane ticket 、 Meal ticket 、 Gift packaging bag , Even the shells he picked up when he went for a walk by the sea , She wants to keep it .

Love for only one year , Lisa �F Zi has collected many memories with each other , It was a big gift to the other party 22 Birthday present for , To make up for the past absence .

These actions seem romantic but suffocating , Also virtually put chains on this relationship .

As Zhang Yuqi said , This is self moving .

She thought it was romantic , Are memories that can't be lost , But just show their unconditional pay and humble courtship . Feelings are like a balance , It takes two people to maintain balance , If one side is more or less, it will cause imbalance .

obviously , This balance has long been used by Lisa �F Son's love is biased .

Father Li looked at his beloved daughter , In front of my boyfriend, I greet him with a smile , It is the self that has lost itself that moves , It's not the taste .

The misfortune of love , Often because the balance is unbalanced , Lisa �F Love that can't extricate itself as soon as you fall into it , Creating a situation where she is not valued now . therefore , It seems thankless .

Want each other's respect and care , Lisa �F You have to find yourself , You can't always keep a low profile to please , Instead, ask yourself what you want . Compared to hurt , Zhou Yangqing's last relationship was much more critical than Li Sha �F The size of the son , But she doesn't heal herself quickly and look for her own happiness ?

In love , obviously , Zhou Yangqing knows more about what he wants , I also know how to correct my attitude and position , Instead of blindly flattering . Lisa �F I have to restrain myself , Don't be too addicted to .

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