Thai entertainment circle itself is a high-energy dog blood stew drama?!

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thai entertainment circle high-energy high

More bloody than Thai drama , What is the wilder way ?

Of course, it is Thai entertainment with the smell of catching horses everywhere .

8 month 6 Japan , Have acted in 《 Fate to swear you 》 Thailand 21 Year old male star Toytoy My girlfriend died , On the chest 20 Multiple cuts , The scene was appalling .

Toytoy Claimed that he had a dispute with his girlfriend over work before the incident , And when he was fighting for a knife with his girlfriend , The tip of the knife accidentally cuts at his girlfriend several times ……

wait , What is carelessness , In a word, you leave your responsibilities clean .

Fruit knife :“ So blame me ”

Of course the police didn't listen to one side of his story , at present ,Toytoy Has been arrested , The trial is in progress .

Similarly, , Thai entertainment has all kinds of big plays tearing out chicken feathers , Sure enough, dog blood comes from real life .

Thailand's entertainment ecology is not the same as domestic entertainment .

First of all, Thai artists are generally highly educated + good-looking , The producer especially praised the importance of intelligence in filming , They think that only savvy artists can understand the core of the script , So almost everyone in the circle Top3 College background , Of course , Undeniable? , Mixed race children are more likely to enter famous schools , Nine out of ten Thai stars are mixed race .

secondly , Thai entertainment will also knock CP 了 , The national kowtow scientist is not an exaggeration at all , The circle is so big , There are a lot of things .

For example, the actress who is torn dark inside and outside the play Tanya And pinky.

Tanya In Thailand, entertainment is the existence of great predecessors , She used to play 《 Love the game 》 The playwright mother in , Good family conditions , Later, he also married the children of a rich family .

pinky It belongs to popular xiaohuadan , She is a mixture of six countries , China has introduced her and Weir Leading TV series 《 Rotating love 》, Many viewers know and remember her from that time .

Never in my wildest dreams ,pinky As a rising flower, I didn't fight for my career , Instead, he turned around and became a third party , And the coquettish is just the elder Tanya My husband ……

In the early ,pinky When you're having an affair with a scum man ,Tanya I have already seen the clue , She found in her husband's cell phone pinky Photos of my pajamas , and pinky I fooled it with a joke .

but ,Tanya Still found hard evidence of the recording , In contrast, , She pickled their �H Let it all out , Want them to die .

therefore ,pinky To calm the anger of public opinion , Choose a public pregnancy test , Prove your innocence , But pregnancy and cheating are two different things, okay ? The evidence is hard to convince the public ,pinky I went to India to make a film to avoid the wind .

And the slag man's family threatened to inherit property , Ask the scum man to recover his wife immediately , He did it right away .

Next few years , Everyone is safe , Until the scum man has a moth again , He made a sister tear as a producer X Grand Opera , And the sister flower inside invited his wife Tanya With the former junior pinky in , The key is that they should answer ! Should be ! 了 !

The Chinese subtitle team directly translated the play into 《 fake friends 》, It's also real It's true , The two people in the play are the tip of a needle to the wheat , No one is satisfied with the other .

Not tearing X, Just tearing it X On the way

in addition , Scum man can't change his problem of cheating , In the dark , He keeps in touch with many female students .

After a few years ,Tanya Yell publicly on the Internet again .

She told a third party not to harass her daughter , She also said that she had always known their existence , I have no intention of pursuing cheating , But she doesn't want to involve her daughter , Inside and outside the words is “ Men don't suffer ” On the foreign version of .

emmmmm, Once bravely opened the veil of marriage Tanya, When did you become the spokesperson of the wild mother-in-law ?

in addition , Tai Xing Pat Life is like a play , Dog blood love , The life experience of dog blood , All by herself .

In Thailand, she mostly plays the second girl with bad intentions , Appeared in 《 Ordered love 》、《 Coronal love 》 Wait for many TV plays .

Her family conditions are not good , The family is not in good health , Mom has Alzheimer's disease , You can't live without people , My sister has a congenital disability , The burden of the family lay on her .

later ,Pat I finally met my husband Benz, The two are unmarried, pregnant and then have a make-up wedding , I thought life would get better and better , But I didn't expect misfortune to follow .

When the baby is about to be born , Husband Benz Involved in a case xi Money case , and Pat Also investigated on suspicion of joint crime , however Pat Show that you don't know , She's paying 50 Ten thousand baht bail was released on bail .

and Benz Final “ Iron window tears ”,Pat He watched his husband go to prison with his three month old child .

after ,Pat With “ brother ” Record variety shows , During this period, she broke out amazing news , Her parents are actually her grandparents , And the brother sitting next to her is her biological father ……

The intimate program group is afraid that the audience can't get through this complex family network , Also specially added pictures to explain .

Pat He also said he had never seen his biological mother , I don't know who the other party is ? The scene of the program changes in seconds 《 Looking for relatives 》.

And after the show ,Pat My biological mother came to meet me unexpectedly , Her life is more bloody than TV dramas , It's completely the design of the great mistress of the bitterness drama .

besides , Thai stars Captain My ex girlfriend Ming Then he will guide and act where the children go , Throw your ex boyfriend away from the public .

Captain It's acting BL Fiery , Long like this

One day , My ex girlfriend told me Captain I'm pregnant , Both are young people in their early twenties ,Captain Immediately frightened , Need to know , Abortion is not allowed in Thailand , however Captain Still don't want to be responsible .

They had a press conference ,Captain The brokerage company wants to Ming Provide birth inspection report ,Ming But looking around, he .

It didn't take long ,Ming Announced that he had an accidental miscarriage .

The whole thing is full of doubts , Last ,Ming Finally can't bear the pressure , She told the truth , In fact, she was not pregnant from beginning to end , Everything is a lie , and Captain And forgive your ex girlfriend .

…… What kind of magic reward is this !

Have to say , Thailand is really a magical country , Up to the royal family , Down to the star artist , There are a lot of outrageous things .

No wonder the writers of Thai dramas are so imaginative , What tyrant president fall in love with me , As a result, he was the daughter's father murderer , Transgender nephew falls in love with uncle's play .

Only you can't think of , There's nothing they can't write .

After watching the dog blood case of Thai entertainment , My melon limit has been raised , Unexpectedly, unconsciously , Can see the diversity of mankind .

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