Self rescue of "explosive products": Wu Yifan incident alerted supply chain marketing

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self rescue explosive products wu

From Louis Vuitton to Xiaomi , From Porsche to L'Oreal , Cutting of top brands , Perhaps Wu Yifan fully understands that the previous top flow has collapsed .

however , For some young brands , Even some explosive brands , The collapse of top flow also brings short-term marketing pain ―― For enterprises that rely heavily on Marketing , No doubt accidentally stepped on a thunder .

( Master Kang's iced black tea endorsed by Wu Yifan )


The top flow effect drives the consumption and supply chain

“ Star effect ”、“ Flow effect ”、“ Online marketing ”、“ Live delivery ”……

In recent years, a series of marketing and publicity means to drive consumption have emerged one after another , At present, this is also the main means for brand enterprises to drive the development of their own consumption supply chain . Compared with traditional consumer marketing ,“ Fans economy ” Under the “ Push supply chain ” It will bring unexpected profits to the enterprise within a certain period of time , But it also brings greater supply chain risk .

Take the Wu Yifan incident . Wu Yifan was definitely one of the objects of cooperation among various brands before . Brand enterprises value not only the relevance between them and the brand , More importantly, behind it 5000 More than million fans . According to the incomplete statistics of palm chain , The number of high-end brands Wu Yifan cooperates with is as high as 22 individual .

List of brands endorsed by Wu Yifan ( Incomplete statistics )

You can see , From high-end luxury jewelry to people-friendly FMCG , The consumer supply chain driven by Wu Yifan is unimaginable . such as , Liangpin shop once spent 2500 Wan Yuan asks Wu Yifan to speak for him , While valuing its commercial value , He was also outspoken “ Most of Wu Yifan's fans are female fans ”.

Xiaomi chairman and CEO Lei Jun to expand the publicity effect , He was also on the same stage with Wu Yifan “ Fans economy ”. There is no denying that , Fans are important for special brand goods “ Consumer supply chain ” An extremely important link in .


After top flow collapse “ Explosive ” How does the supply chain work

“ Marketing is the first of enterprises ”! For businesses , A bet on “ Top current ” Risks and challenges will coexist .

In recent years, there are not a few cases of brand involvement due to top flow collapse , Caused by Zheng Shuang incident at the beginning of this year PRADA Share price plummet , Recently, due to small S Improper remarks during the Tokyo Olympic Games caused several brands to terminate their contracts , Avoid being inferior to . therefore , When enterprises choose to rely too much on top flow or net red and “ Explosive ” When Binding , May also bring from “ love me , love my dog ” To “ Hate house and black ” The fatal flaw of .

The Wu Yifan incident is like Xiaomi 、 For capital giants such as Tencent , Wu Yifan's flow dividend is a thing of the past , It has little impact on its consumption supply chain , Even negligible . However , For FMCG enterprises that rely too much on Wu Yifan to bring flow effect, some single products are popular or there are few categories , Maybe it will be a heavy blow . since 7 month 8 Incident number one broke out 7 month 30 Closed yesterday , Good shops in the secondary market fell 14.17%, Master Kang holdings fell 14.49%. Hanshu 、 Ryohin keikaku shop 、 Secco YanShi 、 Lancome and other brands announced the termination of their cooperative relationship with Wu Yifan .

According to past experience , Enterprises mostly realize the supply chain after the top flow collapse in two ways “ Save your ”:

First, draw a clear line with bad artists in time , Maintain brand image , Win public favor . For example, after the Wu Yifan incident , As the first skin care brand in the whole network to resolutely terminate cooperation with Wu Yifan, Han Shu , Han Shu's official live studio, which usually has only a few thousand people, suddenly poured into 20 ten thousand people , The number of live viewers on that day reached 300 More than ten thousand times , Sales of the studio soared 868%, Single day rising powder 2.8 ten thousand .

In this live broadcast, the top three products in sales are Hanshu hyaluronic acid high moisturizing and moisturizing gift box 、 Han Shuhong capsule set 、 Han bundle hyaluronic acid mask . Besides , Han beam once rushed to the tiktok beauty care brand day list. 3 name , Single day sales exceed 4.7 ten thousand . Han Shu won a wave of traffic dividends in a short time because of his positive reaction to the Wu Yifan incident , After terminating the contract with Wu Yifan , Han Shu quickly teamed up with the Chinese swimming team and Li Jiaqi to shoot a short film on brand attitude , Try to maintain “ Explosive ” Stability of supply chain .

The second is to lodge a claim against the traffic star through legal means . Wu Yifan incident was unexpected for enterprises ,“ Relevant formalities are being handled ” It also highlights that the enterprise and its supply chain have not had time to reflect the impact of this event . For Master Kang's iced black tea, which ranks first in brand influence , Or stumbled over the Wu Yifan incident .

Brand influence ranking

About data display , The sales volume of Kangshifu tea beverage has ranked first in the industry for a long time . Its iced black tea is mainly targeted at the consumer group of teenagers , This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why the brand chooses Wu Yifan .2020 It was also the first year of Wu Yifan's endorsement , Master Kang Iced Black Tea 100 The sales volume of 100 million bottles ranked first , Got rid of unification 、 Wahaha and Wang Laoji .

2020 Top three tea sales in China in

After Wu Yifan incident , Master Kang's iced black tea hit the wall one after another . Fan meeting fare “ Drop and fall ”, from 3000 At one point it fell to 300, The follow-up was cancelled , Failed to copy Wu Yifan again 《 Create a camp 》 Miracles created for the brand supply chain during the period . also , It also caused the stock price of Master Kang to plummet . The loss caused to Master Kang has been intuitively reflected , Subsequently, if you want to minimize the persecution of its supply chain , It will be the key to apply for a claim according to the default amount and calculation standard agreed in the contract .

Comparison of public opinion on Master Kang's iced black tea network before and after Wu Yifan incident

After terminating the contract with Wu Yifan as a brand endorsement , Flow dependent effect , The brand will be subject to certain waves in a short time , But the supply chain of most brands will not collapse quickly , After all, they will also completely rely on Wu Yifan and retain a bottom line . As mentioned above “ Bear pain and cut love ”、 Claim demage , Or quickly replace the new spokesperson , Help businesses “ Explosive ” Supply chain “ Coming back to life ”.


Item “ Hot style ” Brand marketing in supply chain

according to the understanding of , Wu Yifan's business income can be comparable to the net profit of a listed company . So it seems , Wu Yifan's previous commercial value should not be underestimated . As we mentioned earlier, Master Kang , It has long been known by the public or various flavors of instant noodles , Before that, its iced black tea on the market was not very out of the circle compared with instant noodles , After all, there are other brands like uni president competing with them .

After confirming Wu Yifan as the spokesman , Master Kang's iced black tea not only takes the opportunity to upgrade the product supply chain , It mainly produces a new sugar free zero card healthy beverage , And the fastest speed with the help of flow 、 Conduct brand-new supply chain brand marketing to the greatest extent , Maintain the strong consumer demand of the brand .

2016-2020 Market scale of sugar free tea beverage ( Company : Billion )

2016-2020 In, the market scale of sugar free tea beverage showed a soaring trend , Master Kang is based on the concept of sugar free iced black tea “ Hot style ”, Market opening “ Health share ”, Leverage flow effect , It ensures its activity in the market . In fact, Wu Yifan is not the first traffic star selected by Master Kang's iced black tea , The well-known Nicholas Tse 、 Wang Lihong 、 Ren Xianqi 、 Li Yuchun and others have spoken for it . however , Wu Yifan is the first spokesperson since Master Kang upgraded the product supply chain .

Master Kang passed “ Sugar free ” Opened a new image of the enterprise brand , From packaging to taste to spokesperson, it has refreshed the consumer experience , Through this popular single product supply chain reverse brand marketing . More Than This , As Master Kang 3 Heavy products built in , From production 、 Design 、 manufacture 、 packing 、 Every link such as sales , Master Kang should be perfect . Even as a distributor in the sales supply chain 、 Promoter 、 Timely feedback is required for all supervision dynamics .

The brand marketing of Master Kang's sugar free iced black tea supply chain has further expanded its popularity in the tea beverage market , Mention Master Kang is not just instant noodles . Also as an enterprise “ Hot style ” Coca Cola and Red Bull , Relying on only one beverage can make enterprises prosper . Similarly, , The well-known wangzi milk once made Wangwang group's revenue within one year by itself 90 Billion , Net profit is close to 30 Billion .

The flow effect can promote the rapid growth of enterprises in a short time , In particular, single product explosion enterprises are more likely to enjoy the dividends brought by traffic . While taking advantage of the flow , Enterprises should do their own supply chain brand marketing , Even when the flow collapses , It can also realize the of supply chain in adversity “ Self salvation ”.

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