Shu Qi blinked on her husband's birthday and called him a teacher and friend. Feng Delun, 47, was "handsome" and vague

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shu qi blinked husband birthday

8 month 9 At zero o'clock in the morning , Shu Qi took photos to celebrate Feng Delun 47 birthday , And humorously call : I wanted to put your invincible handsome photo , But in line with my personality of not Versailles, let you go . well , teacher , Old friend , Husband , Happy birthday, ! May you be healthy and safe .

because 8 month 8 Day is father's day in Taiwan , So Yang �v Ning left a message saying he almost mistakenly thought he was a father , It was my birthday .

Chen Kun's son Chen Zunyou's dynamic praise to Aunt Shu Qi .

Shu Qi carefully selected a husband's � The chivalrous man of Fuyan sect � Feng Delun is wearing black T T-shirt , Split hair , Sitting on the sofa holding a cake , He was caught O Keep your mouth open , Squint your eyes , It's just “ handsome ” To blur .

Netizens leave messages praising : This shot can't resist his handsome ! In fact, this is Versailles !

Falling in love and killing each other is the daily relationship between Feng Delun and Shu Qi .

Shu Qi's birthday two months ago , Feng Delun's painting style of celebrating each other's birthday is not so , Even harder , Directly put Shu Qi, who was vilified by special effects . In the screenshot, the two are making a remote video , Feng Delun is not happy , He also said that : Happy birthday to my beautiful wife , Keep laughing together , Forever young !

On Shu Qi's birthday last year , Feng Delun rarely shares photos of husband and wife , But don't let the birthday star show up , Very funny .

No wonder Shu Qi chose Feng Delun's ugly photos this time , It was revenge .

A little over a month ago , Shu Qi also showed Feng Delun's photos and joked : Husband, get out …… oh ya, Finally nobody cares about me , Nobody cares about me , Free !

At that time, Feng Delun immediately responded : Who cares about you ! And call your wife “ Qi Ge ”.

Shu Qi responded with three “ SHH ” The expression pack , It shows that Feng Delun can't control himself even when he is around , Show her family status , wonderful !

It is not enough , Hsu Chi recently make complaints about her husband in the program. .

Shu Qi claimed to be asked by many people why he was with Feng Delun 20 Not together a few years ago , She would answer proudly every time , At that time, the partners were Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro , Where can I get him !

Shu Qi also complained about Feng Delun's narcissism , I always think I'm handsome .

Qi's expression is very rich and vivid every time he teases his husband .

At the end of last year, a friend showed photos of a party in Shanghai , Feng Delun and Shu Qi appeared .

Shu Qi leaned against Feng Delun like a human pendant , They are very sweet , Noisy, noisy, noisy , When the show of love, I will definitely seize the opportunity to show it . This is the best way of love .

However, Feng Delun is also visible to the naked eye , He took part in activities in Chengdu last month , A white beard is very eye-catching , Even some netizens make complaints about their slovenly tuckus. ,47 It's really a little anxious to be so old , But also very stable, very masculine, very manly .

last year 9 month , Shu Qi and Feng Delun go in and out of Lin Xinru's house “ Good pregnancy house ”, Suspected of trying to have children , But so far there is no good news , And Shu Qi has 45 year , I'm afraid it's more difficult to get pregnant later , In fact, the birth of children can only be natural .

Fortunately, even without children , The couple's daily life still looks so sweet , I hope this happy enemy will continue to be happy as always , Happy birthday again !

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