The popular singer of TVB wrote that he had been intimidated and troubled by illness for many years, and the acting skills of the new play were full of negative reviews

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popular singer tvb wrote intimidated

Many artists in the circle will encounter some black powder or even illegitimate powder , Some of their behaviors towards artists are often incomprehensible and even very excessive , Not only wantonly criticized the career of artists , And it will invade their daily life , Let the artists who are exposed under the lens , You don't get the best rest in your private time .

In recent days, ,TVB Ju ziqiao, a sister of the theme song, sent a document saying that she had been threatened , Ju ziqiao used a black picture , It reads “ silly . metamorphosis . intimidate , I �S Well, I'll be afraid of you ”, There are also some around “ eyes ” The design of .

But it didn't take long , Ju ziqiao deleted this post , Many netizens are very worried about the current situation of Ju ziqiao , One after another asked if there was something wrong .

Ju ziqiao replied to Hong Kong media that , She wanted to leave a message on her private account , But the wrong hand posted it on the public page , In fact, Ju ziqiao was really threatened .

Ju ziqiao revealed that there was one of her “ Stalker ” Leave her a message , The general meaning is that Ju ziqiao's photo doesn't smile and looks like she has no teeth , Then this “ Stalker ” And ask and answer yourself , Said Joe would pull out her teeth when he saw Ju Zi .

The message maker also attracted the attention of Ju ziqiao , Ju ziqiao said she had blackened each other for the first time , However, the other party will change their accounts and leave messages under their social platform , The other party also pointed out that if you can't stand comments, don't learn from others as artists .

However, Ju ziqiao said that this is not because she can't accept negative comments , But trapped like a nightmare , Of course , The message maker also caused the dissatisfaction of many Ju Zi Qiao fans , Leave messages on social platforms to support Ju ziqiao .

In fact, Ju ziqiao has been suffering from polyodontia , It is reported that this disease refers to supernumerary teeth , It can also cause inflammation of adjacent teeth 、 Loose 、 The problem of crowded teeth .

Ju ziqiao had previously revealed that the recurrence of symptoms would affect his eating and even singing , And frankly, there is no cure for this disease , Think about it. It's already a big problem for an artist , If the message maker attacked Ju ziqiao because of this, it would be a little too much .

In this paper, the editor TVB Drama review Society :3gor47, The article was first published by the drama review society , Other unauthorized reprints are prohibited . In fact, Ju ziqiao has been working very hard in her career , The theme song of the play she sang 、 The ending song is also very brainwashing , image 《 The Apostle 3》、《 Iron probe 》 Middle and so on .

Recently, I believe that Ju ziqiao has been intimidated by this netizen , It was also negatively commented by many netizens , It's about his role in the show 《 Criminal investigation diary 》 The role of editor Hai Lan in is accused of “ Too shit ”、“ There is no talent ”.

I have to say that compared with several other acting masters in the play , Ju ziqiao's acting skills are too stiff , However, I believe these full negative comments are also an experience for Ju ziqiao , I hope she can “ Turn over ”.#TVB#

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