Assassin Wu Liuqi's CP fans, do you choose ah Zhen to fall in love with ah Qiang, or is it better than Jin Jian's seven day lock?

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assassin wu liuqi cp fans

In other words, those who were selected into the list of national key cultural export projects at the end of July 《 Assassin five six seven 》, Once again proved its strength as the dark horse of the year . A cartoon produced in Guangzhou , There are no carefully polished scenes and lines , But magically use Cantonese humor , With the ingenious split mirror production and playing, it has the advantage of attracting people to think , Unexpectedly, I was successfully shortlisted for “ Oscar in animation “ Known as the French ansey International Animation Film Festival .

Compared with these official words , Why don't you just follow the story ? Whether it's chicken Dabao leisurely drinking pearl beer , It is also the Hong Kong terrace where Wu Liuqi and Da Bao often get together to plan the blueprint of life ; Whether it's 567, which is overbearing and full of value as soon as you open the large size ” I'm taking... Today � Mi Lu � I'm brave enough to stop me “, Or Chicken Island as a bodyguard , It's plain, but I've practiced spring with a rare King Kong and no bad boy .《 Assassin five six seven 》 Indeed, there is no need for any country to be poor in humor , Of course , Those who are most able to push 567 into the hot search are his CP People , After all, love is stronger than gold. The seven day lock is really attractive !

Ah Qi and plum blossom thirteen

In the hearts of most fans , Ah Qi and plum blossom thirteen are probably official matches ? Start when the story is not clear , Plum blossom thirteen fell in love with ah Qi, the strongest hairdresser on Chicken Island , With the magic sound that appears as soon as they meet 《 Jane fell in love with ah Qiang 》, All right , The fans agreed ” Jane “ and ” A Qiang “ Let's start with a conventional ” A kiss and love “, As for whether ah Qi can catch plum blossom 13 , It depends on his ability ( The director means ) 了 .

however , As three seasons go by , More and more fans are beginning to stand ” Jane and a Qiang “ This pair of CP. From the end of the first season , Facing the scientific and technological bombardment of the Four Eyed Prince of stan , Ah Qi, who opened a large one, strongly stopped and hugged thirteen :” I'm taking her today “, At the end of the second season, plum blossom 13 changes into the dress given by ah Qi , Sit by the sea and wait for him …… Is this ah Qi ” Not forget for a moment , There will be an echo “ Le ? It's not a loss to be stabbed by plum blossom 11 !

Ah Qi and director Jiang

Although this is a group that looks a little spicy CP, however ,maybe You will feel more and more interesting ! Who would have thought that the natural and unrestrained ah Qihui and the serious passer-by role director Jiang have ” Emotional play “? This is not all due to the shadow assassin red teeth sneaking into Chicken Island ? Of course , The prince of stan in the first season also has a share .

After all, there was the prince of Stan who wanted to get energy from Shishen island , Hold director Jiang for Princess ah Qi ” Blush “ Famous scenes create opportunities , Only then will there be a red tooth tragedy, the first love ” submissively “, The blood devil's evil nature forced director Jiang to kiss ah Qi to restore his strength , This front and back constitutes a misleading emotional echo on both sides . It's just , When director Jiang was held by Princess ah Qi , With a red face, he looked at ah Qi like a girl in love , It really makes meow smell the breath of spring ? above , Head !

Ah Qi and spring

If the plum blossom 13 and director Jiang in front just have an affair with ah Qi , Then the bodyguard Dachun who can't be underestimated , There is really a momentum of trying to cook raw rice into a mature meal ? In the first season of the assassination mission , Ah Qi met the bodyguard Da Chun by chance , The strength of the bodyguard Dachun , is ” I don't know , A move startled “ The type of . When there are no red teeth , Poke Da Chun's navel to crack this before the seventh heavy King Kong is not bad boy , The King Kong stunt of spring ” Love is stronger than gold and locks for seven days “ It really made ah Qi lose his temper ……

” It won't open in seven days “ It means that once ah Qi gets the trick , I will eat and sleep with spring in the next seven days , As for whether they have different dreams ? Of course , After all, who can be strangled and sleep well ?

It can also be seen that spring ” Love is stronger than gold and locks for seven days “ The strong points of , It's just , Would it be better if this lock could be used on ah Qi and plum blossom 13 ?

Sure enough , Compared with ah Qi and Da Chun who are full of brotherhood , Fans are still more willing to stand with the official “ Jane falls in love with ah Qiang ” ah !

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