There may be a couple of Jadeites. It is revealed on the Internet that Wang Yibo's position is pressed, and why is the top stream performing three times?

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couple jadeites. jadeites revealed internet

In recent days, , A person claiming to be in the know broke the news that Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo may be going to have a second match , The re cooperation of film and television dramas has attracted much attention 《 Barbarous growth 》. The controversy this time is that Zhao Liying is still the proper hostess , Wang Yibo can't play the man .

from the beginning ,《 Barbarous growth 》 Zhao Liying is the mistress , And the actor has never had a fixed number , There are several famous actors , That's why we have the idea of meeting Wang Yibo .

《 Barbarous growth 》 My team is really strong , First of all, this novel is aney's work , A remake of her previous works , such as 《 Great river 》,《 Ode to joy 》 as well as 《 Are both good 》 There's basically nothing that doesn't explode .

Look at the previous works of the director and screenwriter , We can know 《 Barbarous growth 》 This play wants to take the path of high-quality and good play , There is a high probability that you will win the prize , This is what Zhao Liying needs to seek transformation .

Zhao Liying made her debut when she was young , From a humble supporting role all the way to now , I've been making idol dramas before , It's been years now 30 year , Judging from her recent selection , Transformation is imperative .

Before , Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo cooperated 《 Jadeite 》 Broadcast at the beginning of the year , It was originally Zhao Liying's first show after giving birth , It is also her best ancient puppet show , The partner was still hot at that time , Popular idol Wang Yibo , But the result is not satisfactory .

The next few works are the key works for Zhao Liying to succeed in transformation , It is absolutely impossible to take it lightly . similarly , Wang Yibo in 《 Jadeite 》 The goal of opening up the situation has not been achieved .

Compared with Xiao Zhan who exploded together , Xiao Zhan after a full year of silence , He starred in 《 Doulo land 》 Low key broadcast , The partner is still Xiaohua Wu Xuanyi who has no broadcast volume and ratings , It almost means that Xiao Zhan's play is carried by himself with super popularity , The result is very good .

This time, it was revealed that Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying were together , No longer play the man , It also makes netizens wonder , Wang Yibo is at least a top student , It's not that you can't even get Zhao Liying's second male master .

It's still because 《 Barbarous growth 》 It's a real play , And idol drama are two completely different types , The quality of the drama depends on the reputation , The choice of actors also needs the kind of good acting skills , This kind of play is generally the world of opera bones .

In recent years , It has also attracted many young actors , But there is one point , Is to be good at acting . and , Unless acting is recognized , Can carry the girder , Instead of playing the leading role for young actors as soon as they come up .

《 Barbarous growth 》 The man in the novel is not a young man , It is totally inconsistent with Wang Yibo's image . Taken together , These are the reasons why Wang Yibo may not have been selected as a male host . But being able to play a supporting role in such a good team , It is also a very good promotion opportunity for Wang Yibo .

Some netizens found some rules , It's that Wang Yibo didn't receive a play with a leading role after the explosion . Logically speaking , All kinds of good scripts will give priority to the top stream of explosion , It's easy to play a leading role .

After Wang Yibo became the top stream , It has also become the focus of the company , All aspects of development over the years have been covered , But the problem is that none of them is famous , This makes the public's impression of him particularly messy , Just want everything , Maybe you won't get anything in the end .

Wang Yibo's performances in recent years are basically twice , It is unprecedented that the coffee of top traffic has been doubled several times . This also refers to Wang Yibo's company , That is, Lehua, the top entertainment company in China .

Although Lehua company is second to none in China , But this company is the idol of lovemaking beans , Han Geng, an old shareholder, has the experience of Aidou top stream in the early generation , I have also cooperated with entertainment companies in South Korea , In the major talent shows at home and abroad, the artists of Lehua company can not be underestimated .

In terms of film and television resources, it is completely a novice , Just look at the quality of film and television resources of its artists , It's really abusive . however , In recent years, Lehua company has also begun to develop this business , I believe there will be a good change .

This point of Lehua is completely opposite to that of Jiaxing, another company , Jiaxing has been producing homemade dramas all these years , Their own artists will not worry about no drama shooting . On the contrary, it is in the love bean draft , Jiaxing entered the game with the wind after the draft burst , Trainees appear later .

Jiaxing trainee's traditional skills in Aidou , That is, there are basically no resources for stage performance , The filming resources are really waiting for the company to feed the script into its mouth . I have to say that the strength of a company and the planning given to artists are really too important .

Wang Yibo just finished himself 24 birthday , This age is not small , Big is not big , There are still a few years to go , Opportunities and time are fleeting , It depends on how Wang Yibo and the company grasp .

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