3 highly praised suspense dramas, are there any you are familiar with?

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highly praised suspense dramas familiar

3.《 If a snail has love 》

By Wang Kai , The urban suspense love drama starring Wang Ziwen and others 《 If a snail has love 》, Adapted from Ding Mo's novel of the same name . Since its launch, the play has a unique suspense atmosphere , Set off a wave of drama watching craze , The audience is constantly praised .

《 If a snail has love 》 Not just love , Multiple elements such as criminal investigation and Psychology , The details of the play and the realistic painting style are interpreted incisively and vividly . Especially Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen 《 Ode to joy 》 The second tie after , The familiar combination is very cordial , And the plot of the play is buried everywhere , Succeed in creating tension , Full of suspense , The wonderful degree amazed many audiences .

2.《 Remaining crime 》

《 Remaining crime 》 It's an addictive Internet suspense play , The play received great attention from the audience before it was released .《 Remaining crime 》 Once it was broadcast, it was as expected , A direct breakthrough 40 Million times of playback , It deserves to be the leader of online drama , The intense excitement and wonderful plot of the play have deeply attracted groups of audiences .

Zhang Yishan , As 1 No. starring , Will play “ Remaining crime ” This character performs incisively and vividly , With his excellent acting , Instantly convinced everyone , So many drama fans can't extricate themselves , Don't hesitate to chase the play all night . More importantly , The biggest difference between the play and other online suspense is , It has a unique story to develop new shooting techniques , That's what it does “ new ”, Give Way 《 Remaining crime 》 The release of , Make a lot of money , Good reviews go on .

1.《 The end of Mao cheat 》

The play is near 20 Over the years, the score of an online suspense drama standing in the front row , The suspense in the play , Brain burning plot and meaningful lines , As a highlight, it deeply attracts the audience , Make a lot of audience stay :“ The baby 《 A hairtrick 》 Deep as the sea , Since then, the online drama is a passer-by ” High opinion of , It deserves to be known as the first divine drama on the Internet .

《 A hairtrick 》 The biggest difference from other online dramas is , It's arguably the poorest crew ever , Whether it's scene design , Clothing daoization or radio effect and color , Every aspect is obvious “ poor ”, And the actors in the play are ordinary people , The acting skills of actors are also uneven , But because of reality ,“ Poor and true ”, There is no denying that this is a play of conscience .

《 The end of Mao cheat 》 Due to various problems , The story of the play is arranged in a compact rhythm , But no waste pens , Instead, it had an unexpected effect . overall , The plot changes quickly , All kinds of reversals since the first season , The latter two also include more complex organizations and characters , So as to lay a lot of foreshadowing , Make the characterization more successful .

Suspense plays have always been popular with the public , Especially in recent years, a large number of high-quality suspense dramas have emerged .

These three suspense dramas that are generally praised , Some are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Which one got you in the head ? Welcome to leave a message and discuss it together .

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