Xiao Zhan predicted that "double kill", the spokesman of Jingdong electric appliance will reveal the secret, and both the card point and the silhouette point to one person

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xiao zhan predicted double kill

Jingdong electric recently posted a picture in guanbo , The picture says : The spokesman is about to reveal the secret , At the same time, there is a silhouette of an endorser , The copy also says :8 month 9 Number , Live with him “ Incoming call ”.

From this dynamic, we can see , Jingdong electric power official announced the new spokesman , Before the official announcement, I don't forget to have a mysterious interaction with you , Seeing this official announcement, I believe you can't guess who the spokesman is for a while and a half , If you carefully observe this day's forecast message, there are still many details .

The first is the official Boca point time , The forecast is in 10:05 Officially released , Friends familiar with Xiao Zhan know that Xiao Zhan's birthday is 10 month 5 Number , And every time the official propaganda's endorsement brand will choose 10:05 At this time, Guan Xuan .

And every Xiao war in response will be in 10:10 Release official publicity trends on their own social platform when , This is also the hope that the brand and their cooperation can be perfect .

Both sides are very interested , The intention of the brand side is to always remember Xiao Zhan's birthday , Xiao Zhan's heart is the best blessing .

So this time point is really clear , If nothing happens , Finally, Jingdong electric appliance will be in 8 month 9 The no. 10:05 Officially release the official announcement , And Xiao Zhan will be 8 month 9 The no. 10:10 Official release .

At the same time, it can also be revealed in the comment area of Jingdong electric appliance official blog. The spokesman is Xiao Zhan , There are many in the comments area “ Xiaofeixia ” I've already heard the wind .

In the comment area, fans list one by one “ Beat the brand star record 、 The ability to carry goods is unparalleled 、 The world tends to be a regular guest ” Such description , These all point to Xiao Zhan .

And looking at the comments after the dynamic release of Jingdong electric appliance official blog 6 ten thousand 、 The forwarding volume is broken 12 Wanhe likes the amount of broken 60 ten thousand , Such wonderful data can also make you think of Xiao Zhan for the first time .

This time, the spokesman announced , This is also the first time since Xiao Zhan began the year 18 A spokesman , Recently, not only unlock new endorsements , Even the long-awaited hit drama has been officially put on file .

Some fans found that as early as when Xiao Zhan participated in the event , Xiao Zhan interacted with Jingdong's mascot , The mascot was bouncing , Xiao Zhan patted gently as he passed by , Soon the mascot was quiet .

So it seems , The fate between Xiao Zhan and Jingdong electric seems to have ended when Xiao Zhan took a gentle pat .

Before 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 Declare a gear 9 month 8 When no. , Some fans found that Xiao Zhan had sung on the program before 《 About 98 》, Now it's really about 98 . This is the second time Xiao Zhan has successfully predicted , I don't know what surprises will come next ? It seems that Xiao Zhan's every move should be carefully watched .

Jingdong electric appliance is the Department with the largest proportion of Jingdong , I believe that many friends will choose Jingdong when they think of buying electrical appliances , Now Xiao Zhan chooses to speak for Jingdong Electric Appliance , This is also a brand certification .

Xiao Zhan's cargo carrying capacity has always been recognized as strong , In addition, this time, the brand with guaranteed quality and reputation , I believe that the record of carrying goods this time has been able to create a new record .

Now 8 month 9 Number and 9 month 8 The numbers are all “ Xiaofeixia ” The most anticipated day , I hope good news will come every day after !

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