Zhao Ruth's play provoked controversy with Yang Yang. She was accused of rubbing men's enthusiasm. In fact, resources can't be underestimated

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zhao ruth play provoked controversy

The entertainment industry is a very realistic place , Whether it's a movie or a movie , Or variety shows should be ranked according to seniority , Even the first come, first served in the event is very particular . An artist's coffee is very important , There have been many stories about men and women tearing up their roles before .

During this period , Zhao Ruth, the newly promoted flower, has caused a lot of controversy , The reason is the film and television play she cooperated with Yang Yang 《 And try the world 》, Which of the two actors is the bigger , For a while, netizens have their own views .

Now the entertainment industry is developing , The male star side is very competitive , Rely on the hottest delay to change the theme , Every year or two, there will be new people with strong heat . And the actress seems very quiet , Several actresses who are often on the front line have not had a big hit in the past two years , Newcomers are even more difficult to get ahead for a long time .

If Xiaohua has the strongest momentum in recent years , It must be Zhao Ruth . Originally, Zhao Ruth has been making some low-cost online dramas , Although the scope of radiation of these online dramas is very limited , But she is a sister of a small-scale online drama , She is the first choice for many good projects .

The so-called small fire depends on holding , Fire depends on life , No one expected Zhao Ruth to rely on an unknown online play 《 Chen Qianqian in the rumor 》 And fire , Wearing a sassy red dress, the shape is brushed all over the net .

There is no shortage of new people and flowers in the circle , But there is a great lack of new flowers that can rise up , Zhao Ruth's fire immediately obtained bad resources . Now , Her resources have gone beyond the scope of previous online dramas , Resources get soft , Become the most promising flower nowadays .

And Yang Yang , It used to be one of the top four traffic , Nature cannot be underestimated . On works , Yang Yang also had a big hit play 《 It's a big smile 》, He plays senior Xiao Nai, who is still the dream lover of many women .

Although Yang Yang's development has been greatly impacted by the newcomers , It has always been the top in resources , Those who get it are big IP. That's it , Some netizens think Yang Yang and Zhao Ruth play 《 And try the world 》, It's Zhao Ruth rubbing Yang Yang's heat .

Especially what Yang Yang is broadcasting 《 You are my glory 》, It was with Dili Reba, the little flower who has been popular in the circle for many years , Some netizens believe that these two are the real strong alliance , In this way, Zhao Ruth is not as good as Dili Reba .

The public's comparison between the two is not this time , Previously broadcast 《 Long song line 》 in , Reba plays the hostess , And Zhao Ruth plays the second female , In fact, we can see the difference between the two in the circle .

however , According to the broadcast effect of the play , There is also business between Reba and male owner Wu Lei , But I haven't created much chemical reaction for netizens , Instead, Zhao Ruth is the second daughter , A sudden rise and the second male Liu Yuning cp Brush and explode the whole network again , As a result, they don't dare to do business at all , Are busy avoiding suspicion .

Generally speaking , The most important thing for Xiaohua among the public is CP sense , Yes CP The feeling of the actor is to bring the audience into the play , But not CP No matter how you act , It will only embarrass the audience .

Zhao Ruth looks lovely and sweet , She can basically win the most popular little sweet opera nowadays , Standing with the male host, you will feel the atmosphere of fan bubbles in the air , It's like bringing your own CP sense .

Obviously , Zhao Ruth's performance in several plays has proved that she is a CP An actor with a strong sense of , It's easier to get the audience into the play . Originally, it would be more in a play , Now play the same man , After the two plays are broadcast , It's definitely another bloody scene .

however , After all, Reba is still a strong flower in recent years , Both the voice of online fans and the purchasing power of various endorsements are the best female stars , Basically, few female stars can compare with her , Including Zhao Lusi .

Zhao Ruth's resources are obviously top-level now , All the best IP, The partners are all front-line male stars . She is close to the front echelon of Xiaohua , Many netizens are very optimistic about her .

After all , Today's florets are very popular. They are basically Reba and Yang Zi . Reba's leading role because of the heat and CP The sense of has always been questioned , And Yang Zi once held two big hit dramas , But I haven't been on a new play for two years , It can be said that now is the best time for Zhao Ruth .

Actually , Except Reba , Yang Zi is also the leader of Xiaohua now , And Yang Zi and Zhao Ruth are both sweet girls , The former has a wide playing path . however , Zhao Ruth's play is not limited to Xiaotian's play .

Previous 《 Chen Qianqian 》 Inside, Zhao Ruth is actually a sassy and funny woman , On the whole, Zhao Ruth's play is wider , The role played is also more accepted by the audience . The future development is absolutely immeasurable , It is a strong competitor of the popular floret .

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