I may be the last person to write the serious case of anger. This Hong Kong action film is worth recommending again

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2021 The summer vacation in is almost true “game over” 了 , because “ epidemic situation ” The reason for the comeback . Leading to the most anticipated war blockbuster 《 Changjin Lake 》 After withdrawal , Other movies like 《 Pipiru and lucisi's Canned villain 》 It's all off the file , Lead to 8 No blockbusters have been released since June .

And among the domestic films being released , In addition to the animated blockbusters that have been released for more than half a month 《 White Snake 2》, Then there is the youth film 《 The future of midsummer 》 And gangster action movies 《 A serious case of anger 》.

Word of mouth , The best quality and box office performance are undoubtedly the late director Chen Musheng , Donnie Yen , Starring Nicholas Tse 《 A serious case of anger 》, In terms of movie box office alone . At the beginning of the film's release, the box office performance can only be said to be average , At that time, the prediction of a certain platform was only in 10 Million or so .

But then the reputation and quality of the film exploded , A platform predicted that the box office had reached 13 Million or so , It's almost the same as the big sales of Hong Kong Commercial blockbusters in the market in recent years , such as 《 One like you 》《 crack down on drug trafficking 2》《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 The level of .

But because “ epidemic situation ” Of course, the relationship film has also been greatly affected , The box office has shrunk to a certain extent . It is predicted that the box office will also exceed 13 Billion , Shrink to now difficult to break 10 The hundred million , Although it was an accident, and compared with the box office, it must be “ epidemic prevention ” More important .

But this film is back to the peak of Hong Kong Police and bandit action films , It's still a pity .

《 A serious case of anger 》: Find the soul of Hong Kong Police and bandit action films

After I personally watched the film for the first time , I can't calm down , Although the cooperation between Chen Musheng and Donnie Yen is still flawed , But it's really awesome , It seems to vent the anger of Hong Kong film's savings for many years .

The advantages of this film are very obvious , It can be explained that it can no longer be obvious .

1、 Nicholas Tse's return is a surprise , I hope he won't be a cook and return to the film industry , It can't be said to support Hong Kong films, but at least it can contribute some works .

Nicholas Tse's acting skills are at ease , Ao is obviously a role tailored for Xie , Cool with ruthlessness , Evil brings charm , This temperament fills the whole film . The performance was just right , Tender and ripe , One sentence summary : Nicholas Tse is much better than his movie with the film Emperor !

For example, the scene of court internal trial , Nicholas Tse's performance here is really good , Not a word , It all depends on eyes and facial expressions , The performance is very good , Hierarchical , Waiting anxiously from the beginning , To glare at the disgusting faces of rich businessmen and bosses , Then the last glimmer of hope for the Lord's key testimony , Then I was surprised and puzzled , not reconciled to , Then to the last helpless sigh .

He has seen through the inconsistency of these officials and businessmen , I tried my best to the police force, but I couldn't get a helping word , Completely give up on the police force , From this moment on, he has vowed to everyone to repay . At the end, Ao's defeat has been decided , Nicholas Tse dragged his aching body , Still roaring to admit defeat and not to admit his life , Although it was a complete failure , I don't want to be judged by you again , The poor character who complains about the injustice of fate is fully three-dimensional .

Action drama , Nicholas Tse's action performance has taken a big step forward .《 A serious case of anger 》 Before , Nicholas Tse has not acted in action movies , image 《 New shaolin temple 》《 Dragon tiger gate 》 wait , The best action before was Wang Xiaohu ,《 A serious case of anger 》 After that, Qiu Gangao , Even years later, it may still be .

Nicholas Tse's performance has been to the extreme , Really, as everyone said , Donnie Yen left the best action design to him . Favorite action scenes are killing Lu Huiguang and motorcycle chase , The former is like ah Jie who kills wolves , Fierce, simply cool ; The latter is tense and exciting , It's too hot and burning , Like a motorcycle breaking through a railing , It was so beautiful .

2、 Yen's action design may not surpass 《 Kill the Wolf 》《 Fuse 》, But seriously, yen has contributed the most wonderful action design in the past decade .

The film is a first-class action guide, met a first-class police and bandit film director , The action scenes are really fully upgraded . a gun battle , Blast , Flying car , Weapon / A fist fight , have everything that one expects to find , Existing design breakthroughs , There is no lack of clever tribute .

Break through the seamless integration of yen Kung Fu and the big scene of police and bandits , The ultimate authenticity and consistency of martial arts design , No more slow motion anatomy , No buffer time for the audience at all , The direct method of one-time presentation , More hearty , More vigorous and shocking .

The salute has 《 Kill the Wolf 》 The alley police stick to the short knife , But this time the short knife is more ferocious and swift , On the contrary, yen's action is slow ; Stick a horse , Shaking his head and glaring at him is like Chen Zhen ; The heavy fist in the sewer is also yen's signature move , But stronger , More visual impact .

Borrow the wall to fix the cross , The novel design is more smooth and silky , Part of the design is left to Nicholas Tse , Sabre killing . That kind of fragrance will only stop you , Only surpassing yourself is a real tribute to yourself !

《 A serious case of anger 》 It is a rare Hong Kong Police and bandit action film , Although it's not perfect

The quality of the film is really good , But there are still some regrets . Of course , These deficiencies do not affect 《 A serious case of anger 》 It is a rare police bandit commercial action blockbuster , Just hope it can be better .

1、 In terms of plot , Some scenes are almost .

For example, the beginning is not enough weight , Somewhat chaotic , The action scenes of abandoned shopping malls are also significantly weaker than those in the back . After all, director Chen Musheng is gone , There are many small problems in the editing .

There was some incoherence before and after the gunfight , For example, the underground tunnel explosion that everyone feels deeply , Dan in front of the soldier didn't blow up ; The chase between police and bandits on the street , Dan raised his hand to stop , The next picture runs again .

in addition , Like a lot of black screen transition, it really affects the substitution , The mood is there , As a result, it was cut away , I've seen a lot of people say this . Brother Biao didn't explain his card raising and death clearly , The worship of Xie Gang in front of brother Jing Biao and the holy throne in the den of thieves seems very weak , Undermining the integrity of the story ; The hostess Qin Lan's part of the play is pitiful .

2、 The arrangement of character relations is not clever enough , There may also be a relationship of deletion , But when you think about it, there are many regrets .

For example, the relationship between AO and the state Lord can be more unique , After receiving the box, you can have enough empathy , Take a look at the Stormtrooper's anger street, which is also the work of director Chen , The characterization of Liu Qingyun and Wu Zhenyu is very simple , Profound and not vulgar .

The friendship between the Lord and AO / Brotherhood is peaceful , Friendship is not deep , It is difficult to support the surprise and anger of the villain , The tension between the two males is not strong enough ; The confession of a'ao team 1 is “ The criminal slipped and fell to death ”, It's a false confession , From Nicholas Tse's eyes and nodding , He believed that the LORD would help them , But this kind of trust lacks enough profound friendship to pave the way , Personally, I think this is the biggest failure in the story , It is a pity that .

At that time, the body of the childe was found and detained in the police station by AO and others 46 In an hour , There was a scene in which the state Lord angrily held a bat , This moment follows BGM Think of it like a horse army attached to the body , It just broke the VCR , I always feel that this plot is very strange , It's easy to raise your mood .

3、 Both literary and martial arts operas are in a hurry , Slightly weak , It feels better to expand a little

This problem is the problem of the whole film , Like a Ao's rhetorical question of fate, there is no suitable picture to support , The sadness of fate disorder is not fully highlighted , Ao's anger didn't completely explode , The audience's compassion for the character, love and hate, did not reach the top .

For example, the action design is playing too fast , Nicholas Tse should fight longer after flying to stab his hand , I just broke my hand and stopped , The ignition stopped suddenly , The audience still feels a little addicted .

Police and bandit movies are about the confrontation between good and evil , Star Racing , Plot tension , At this point, Nicholas Tse is obviously better , Yen is still weaker , Slightly pale in the complex psychological depiction from the outside to the inside , Like Yao sir Dan's crying after death felt like squeezing tears .

Trial room drama , I feel Donnie Yen can't catch Nicholas Tse ; When testifying, the court did not show the complex psychology of the contradiction between justice and friendship ; After the close-up, yen's weaknesses in literature and drama were revealed , Maybe it would be better to change the tactful side display shooting method .

Although the action design has been very blockhouse , It can be said that fashion action films are among the top, which should be uncontested , But for me, a martial arts fan , I still feel some regret .

For example, senior brother Lin Guobin didn't come in vain this time , It's hard, but it's a little short , The audience felt that he was offline without much call .

The end of the

Over the years, the quality of Hong Kong films has been criticized , The decline of Hong Kong films is an indisputable fact , from 《 chills 》 series ,《 The equator 》,《 Chase the dragon 》,《 One like you 》,《 crack down on drug trafficking 》 series ,《 Bomb disposal experts 》 series , And now 《 A serious case of anger 》, It can be seen that Hong Kong Police and bandit films want to revive their brilliant ambitions in the past , It is also difficult to hide the various struggles facing the bottleneck of creation .

Hong Kong actors and action actors are out of touch , The massive migration of film viewing groups , Action design is difficult to innovate , The market capacity of action films is forced to become very small . Whether we can still see such a pure Hong Kong film after many years , It depends on Yen / Whether Nicholas Tse and other backbone forces can drive the gear of Hong Kong film recovery .

Last , There are some deficiencies in the film's literary drama on the Internet because some contents have been deleted from the film length and scale , The deleted content is Nicholas Tse. After they were imprisoned, they were tortured by prison crimes , And the persecution of their superiors again . This also explains why the childe's face changes like this , Why transgender incompetence , Why did one of them commit suicide, etc .

This has increased the tragedy of Nicholas Tse and the rationality of the plot of becoming a villain , Because of the lack of this part, we will vaguely feel that what the director expresses is not only the opposition between good and evil , Black and white , Especially the last sentence Nicholas Tse said : If you change to me, you have no choice .

I think if there is no deletion, it is the real meaning that the director wants to express , Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen are two tragic figures . They were persecuted differently and took different paths . Finally, fight because of their beliefs , In fact, the biggest villains are the cannibal rich and corrupt senior officials in Hong Kong .

If it is true as rumored, the score will be higher , Obviously, it will be more powerful .

But no matter what , current 《 A serious case of anger 》 It's also very good . Because when some viewers don't think it's good enough , I'm afraid it has become the masterpiece of Hong Kong Fashion action films .

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