Getting married? Huo Zun's girlfriend took a group photo and officially announced her love. She has been in low-key love for many years and has met her parents

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getting married huo zun girlfriend

In recent days, , variety show 《 My brother 》 Ushered in the official announcement , among , Huo Zun, son of the famous singer Huofeng, was also invited to attend , Netizens are also looking forward to the performance of this powerful singer .

however , Compared with the heat of the program , Huo Zun's good news seems to attract more attention , not long ago , Huo Zun's girlfriend Chen Lu took a close group photo with them on her microblog , And Aite got huozun's social account , The official declared the relationship .

In the photo , Girlfriend Chen Lu nestled on Huo Zun's shoulder , Facing the camera, she also has a happy smile , Huo Zun's eyes narrowed slightly , Looks very handsome and stylish , And such intimacy is enough to prove the relationship between them , Including the background behind , It's also like shooting at home , It shows that they don't taboo the relationship between each other .

According to informed netizens , Huo Zun's girlfriend's name is Chen Lu , Graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts, she is a national second-class actor , At present, he works as a dancer in Shanghai Song and dance troupe , Because of the particularity of this profession , Chen Lu's appearance is bright , Soft figure , Temperament is also quite outstanding , look , Even if it's not mainstream entertainment , But it is also comparable to many girl stars .

Of course , Huo Zun's girlfriend's official announcement of love also quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens , But from the comments of netizens , They are already prepared for their relationship , They are also very happy to finally wait until the official announcement , More netizens boldly speculate , The reason for choosing guanxuan , Is it a good thing , Are you getting married ?

The reason why netizens think so is understandable , In fact as early as 2017 year , Huo Zun was photographed in the same frame with his girlfriend by the media .

It is reported that , At that time, Huo Zun arrived in Shanghai alone and drove home , Half an hour later, a mysterious woman of the same age came to visit , In the evening, I also had dinner with Huo Zun and his family .

It is worth mentioning that , Before dinner , The woman also placed bowls and chopsticks , I'm familiar with home layout , During the dinner, I also cooked in person , It also looks very close to the fire wind , Let the outside world guess that it has been recognized by huozun's family .

Now it seems , The relationship between Huo Zun and Chen Lu has long been recognized by his family , After talking for so many years, they suddenly fell in love with Guan Xuan , Maybe , It's really the same as what netizens guessed , They are really getting married ?

Speaking of Huo Zun , Although as the son of Huofeng , But what he looks like in the entertainment industry , It's as low-key as love , It doesn't look like a “ The second generation of stars ”.

Of course , Although Huo Zun kept a low profile , But that doesn't mean he's not strong , When I first came out , Huo Zun participated in many singing competitions ,《 Sound Asia 》 The top three in Asia , Season one 《 Chinese good songs 》 The champion of , It makes his starting point much higher .

Including Huo Zun's works 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 stay 2014 After issue in , Won many awards , At the Spring Festival Gala , Huo Zun also appeared as a solo of this song , so to speak , Huo Zun's strength has long been recognized by the mainstream media and audience .

In short , Although Huo Zun is low-key , But there are not a few fans who love him , Today, , In the entertainment circle, there are only a few male stars who can have such a long love and don't be demons , That's why Huo Zun's feelings are so precious , Congratulations to Huo Zun and Chen Lu , If something really good is coming , We must tell the public at the first time ~

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