Cheng Yi's song with the king has just been launched, and another ancient costume drama is hot. I see that the female owner of the drama is determined

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cheng yi song king launched

The latest TV series are one after another , It's so overwhelming ! First starring Wan Peng 《 I love you very much 》, And then to Wang Ruichang 《 The upstream 》, Then starring Cheng Yi 《 Song with Jun 》, Each one is wonderful , It's fun ! among 《 Song with Jun 》 This ancient costume love drama is very popular , The hero Li Yan played by Cheng Yi in the play , Also with the handsome ancient costume appearance and excellent acting skills , Countless circles of powder . However 《 Song with Jun 》 The play has just been launched , Cheng Yi has another costume drama hot shooting , That's it 《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》.

《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 This play is based on Su Meng's novel of the same name , Produced by Youku , Guo Hu 、 Ren Haitao directed , Screenwriter Zhang yuanang , Ancient costume Xianxia drama starring stars such as Cheng Yi and Yang Zi . The play mainly tells the story of an ancient family, four leaf Han Yan Dan, who went down to earth to cross the love disaster , And started a story of love hate entanglement with emperor Ying yuan . according to the understanding of , The play is currently in hot shooting , Due in 2022 Scheduled broadcast in the first half of the year , It makes people look forward to !

The hero of the play, Ying Yuanjun, is played by Cheng Yi , He is a handsome and cold God in the play . For actor Cheng Yi , I believe everyone is familiar with it ? Cheng Yi in the entertainment circle can be said to be a person with good looks and acting skills 90 After the popularity of Xiaosheng , He has appeared in many film and television works for many years , stay 《 Sand in the angry sea & Qinling sacred tree 》 、《 Glass 》、《 Changan Nuo 》 And other popular dramas have quite excellent performances , Cheng Yi also relies on his handsome appearance and good acting skills , Won the love of many viewers . This time 《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 Play the leading role in , Play the role of handsome god Ying Yuanjun , Whether it's appearance or temperament , It can be said that Cheng Yi is very suitable for such people , I'm looking forward to his wonderful performance in the play !

The heroine YAN Dan of the play is played by Yang Zi , She is a sweet and lovely in the play 、 A kind-hearted fairy . For actor Yang Zi , I believe everyone is very familiar with . Yang Zi was born as a child star , Because it looks sweet , Good acting , Very popular with the audience . In recent years, Yang Zi has become very popular , She has starred in many popular dramas , And it's very impressive . such as 《 War changsha 》 Hu Xiangxiang, a field nurse in ,《 Honey is like frost 》 Jinmi, the daughter of the flower god in , as well as 《 dear , beloved 》 Ruanmeng Lori, Tong Nian, etc , It can be said that Yang Zi relies on her sweet and lovely appearance and exquisite acting skills , Play these roles incisively and vividly . This time 《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 As female number one in , Play the role of a beautiful fairy , I believe such a role is easy for Yang Zi , No pressure . In addition, the male owner of this cooperation is Cheng Yi who is equally outstanding in appearance and strength , And there are a lot of sadistic feelings in the two people's play , I look forward to their wonderful interaction in the play !

Except for the male and female protagonists , The play also has Ye Qing 、 Zhang Rui 、 Mencius 、 Zhu Lilan 、 Zhang Junning 、 Han Chengyu 、 Sun Zeyuan 、 Yang �Z A group of powerful actors such as Zi took part in the performance , The lineup is quite strong , This also makes me more interesting !

《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 The play is adapted from a popular novel , I bring countless original powder with me . In addition, the male and female protagonists Cheng Yi and Yang Zi are popular in the entertainment circle 、 Level of appearance 、 Actors who are quite good at acting , This also makes the heat of the play soar , Are you looking forward to ?

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