Xiao Zhan's "jade bone remote" has been shot. The next play or sister and brother love, and the choice of the hostess is controversial

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xiao zhan jade bone remote

In recent days, , Film and television drama 《 Yu Guyao 》 Successful killing , Xiao Zhan's next play has also become the most concerned thing for fans , At present, a person who claims to be familiar with the matter has revealed , After Xiao Zhan, he is likely to renew the front edge with Xinli who has cooperated for many times , The actor is still in love with sister and brother .

Some time ago ,《 Yu Guyao 》 The announcement made many fans fascinated by the appearance of Xiao Zhan's handsome big God official in white , Soon came the news that it had been killed . According to the director's reply , The play is not unexpected. It will meet the audience next summer vacation .

More Than This , Waiting for a long time 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 It has been confirmed that the gear is set , It won't be long before it's officially broadcast , Now I and Gu I grasp , It can be seen that Xiao Zhan's planning for acting is very good .

What Xiao Zhan will play in the next play has become the most concerned thing for fans , Hengdian's account also publicly implies , Let Xiao Zhan shoot more plays in Hengdian , In other words, Xiao Zhan's next play is probably still in Hengdian .

Soon there was news on the Internet that Xiao Zhan and Xinli were talking about cooperation , At present, Xinli's play to Xiao Zhan is 《 The scorching sun accompanies me 》.

It is reported that ,《 The scorching sun accompanies me 》 It's a bay play 《 My boy 》 And adapted ,《 My boy 》 Starring Lin Xinru , It was a play four years ago , On a certain valve 8 Point high score , however , The most surprising thing , This is a sister brother love .

That is, Xiao Zhan is likely to partner with a sister actress , According to the fact , At present, actresses have a lot of contacts , For example, Qin LAN, who already has a good sister and brother love drama , And the beauty and topic are still quite good 85 Flowers , The most likely one is Liu Shishi .

Top flow partner 85 There is a precedent for flowers , For example, it was broadcast at the beginning of the year 《 Jadeite 》 It's Wang Yibo's partner Zhao Liying , Unfortunately, this is a combination of trumps , The final effect is very general , The main problem is the production .

however , Xinli's production has always been better , Make a lot of high-quality pop dramas with good reputation , The probability of overturning is relatively low in the industry , You can rest assured on this point . however , Some fans of Xiao Zhan are very opposed to the cooperation between Xiao Zhan and Xinli .

Xiao Zhan has cooperated with Xinli many times , Not starring 《 Break the vault of heaven 》 and 《 Celebrate more than 》, And starring 《 , 》 and 《 Doulo land 》, These plays have Xinli's handwriting . Logically speaking , Cooperate so many times , There are some human feelings .

But , When Xiao Zhan was attacked by the Internet , Xinli was also affected more or less , Don't ask for support at this time , In fact, you can not respond , It's also the fate of many times of cooperation . Xinli stood up and said , Xiao Zhan's film and television is not in Xinli , He has nothing to do with Xinli .

Sure enough, it's icing on the cake. It's easy , It's hard to send charcoal in the snow , Now Internet public opinion is over , Xiao Zhan perked up , Xinli is eager to seek cooperation , It's really a little ugly , I don't blame the fans for their resentment .

besides , Fans still have a lot of concerns , The original work is a work four years ago , Now there are so many plays every year , The play four years ago is quite old-fashioned , The old story , Even the top stream can't save .

And now the general trend of film and television drama is still sweet drama , The audience just likes to watch the young and beautiful sweet girl , In the past two years, some dramas have come out , One is not a big production , Second, not a first-line actor , There's a small fire , But there were no waves .

The most controversial is the choice of a woman , Liu Shishi's beauty , The figure and temperament are well maintained , But there are no works that are particularly hard to sell these years , Previously broadcast 《 Golden years 》 The focus of public attention is basically on another female star ni .

Netizens are somewhat dissatisfied with Liu Shishi's performance , Or those eyes without God , Poker face , And old questions like strange lines , Especially now Liu Shishi also has 30+ 了 ,85 Huazhong looks like Zhao Liying seeking transformation to play a drama , And Yang Mi attacked the film field again , Rising stars also have a strong momentum .

As for Liu Shishi and Xiao Zhan CP sense , Anyway, they are all handsome men and beautiful women , Standing together is naturally pleasing . It's just that the setting in this play is sister brother love , Xiao Zhan almost 30 Year old , Liu Shishi is not a few years older than him , Looks like a peer , The feeling of sister brother love should be hard to come out .

In the voice of netizens, I really saw several suitable actresses , For example, Qin LAN mentioned before , I have had the experience of shooting sister brother love , There will be no sense of disobedience , In addition, there is Bai Baihe who has attracted much attention because of his re acting .

And Shu Qi can be said to be the most vocal , Imagine her with Xiao Zhan , Bright eyes and the feeling of sister and brother love , It's so suitable . unfortunately , Not to mention that Shu Qi seldom acts now , Even acting , Shu Qi usually chooses movies . She is the least likely .

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