After 20 years, Cheng Dong returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors and knelt down with his children in his ancestral hall. The villagers warmly welcomed him

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years cheng dong returned hometown

In recent days, , Senior actor Cheng Dong updated the dynamics of his personal social account , Exposed his recent situation .

original , Cheng Dong recently returned to Shanwei's hometown to worship his ancestors . Except for himself , Relatives also share photos and videos on social networks , Cheng Dong's trip was recorded in detail .

It is reported that , This is Cheng Dong's interval 20 Back home for many years , As soon as he came back, he was warmly welcomed by the villagers , Everyone scrambled to take pictures with him .

already 60 Year old , It's really very old , The skin on the face is firm , The figure is a little fat, but it's not bloated , With the army 、 Compared with Laifu , It doesn't change much .

When he is in the same frame as his cousin , The state doesn't lose at all , Like my peers .

Although I left my hometown for a long time , But Cheng Dong didn't forget his roots , He also said a few home words to the camera .

after , Cheng Dong went to Cheng's ancestral hall , At this time, two young children appeared beside him , It should be his children .

The children are very lively and lovely , Running around . unfortunately , Both sister and brother wear big masks , And didn't look up , There's no way to see their front .

Cheng Dong is in 2011 Married in , His wife's name is Liu Yajuan , He's a whole... Younger than him 19 year . however , There is no generation gap between husband and wife , After years of marriage, feelings remain the same .

these years , He is very protective of his wife , Never show love in public , The wife's appearance now makes people curious .

until 2 month , Cheng Dong gets together with his wife and good friend Huang Yishan , Everyone can see Mrs. Cheng's face .

From the party photos at that time , Mrs. Cheng has beautiful facial features , Tall and tall , But the dress is too neutral , Like a young man .

Back to this trip , After Cheng Dong and his children enter the ancestral temple , First, I knelt down and worshipped the ancestral tablet , Then I visited the portrait hanging on the wall .

Maybe the light of the ancestral hall is too dark , The two children are a little timid , The pace is not big , When Dad yells , They dare to come forward .

In addition to entering the ancestral hall to worship ancestors , Cheng Dong also went to grandma's village , Sweep grandma's grave . The cousin of the colleague revealed , I didn't expect that after more than 20 years , Cousin Cheng Dong still remembers where Grandma's graveyard is , Good memory , It also proves that they have a good relationship .

Grandma's graveyard is full of weeds , The ground is covered with moss , The environment is quite messy , But Cheng Dong doesn't care at all , Talk to the lady next to you very deeply .

Observe carefully , Among the people , There was a lady in black clothes and tattered slacks , Especially bright , She seems to be Cheng Dong's wife .

Didn't show up for a while , Her hair grows a little longer , It looks very feminine . Like this, she , It's a perfect match for Cheng Dong .

After watching Cheng Dong's ancestor worship trip , Leave messages to praise , Some people , Trees have roots and people have ancestors , Let children know where their ancestors came from , It's really necessary , Cheng Dong's way of education is very good .

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