The actress who is gorgeous by a white shirt: Yuan Quan's intellectual, elegant nursery rhymes, and Gong Li's amazing international

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The entertainment circle is full of beautiful women , Whenever they attend a big event , Will spend a lot of time on makeup and clothing , The season is limited 、 Big brand Gaoding , All kinds of dresses are dazzling . But for some powerful female stars , Even wearing a white shirt can impress others , Today, Xiaoba will check the female stars who are gorgeous by relying on a white shirt .

In recent days, , At the Youth Film Exhibition , When nursery rhymes appeared on the red carpet at the Youth Film Exhibition , Wear a white shirt alone , Although the collocation is simple , But it well shows his elegant and generous temperament , It can be said that among the female stars present that day, the red carpet performed the best .

Yao Chen also attended the event , She wore a deep coat v black dress , But the matching coat is a little thick , Reduce the sexy effect of the dress . And compared with the simplicity and ability of nursery rhymes , Yao Chen looks very bloated under the camera , The whole person is very dull .

Xu Qing is known as the in the entertainment circle “ The goddess of youth ”,69 Born in, she is now 50 s . however , Years seem to favor her ,52 At the age of, her skin is still white and tight , Slim and slender , It hasn't changed much compared with when I was young .

This year she unveiled a group of portraits in white shirts , In the photo, she pulls down half of her shirt slightly to reveal her fragrant shoulder , Charming . Have to say , It was naive to treat her so favorably .

Different from Xu Qing's charming and provocative in a white shirt , Li Bingbing wore a white shirt to attend the event, showing the arrogance of a big man . The female star who attended the event with Li Bingbing was Yang Mi 、 Ni Ni 、 Zhang Yuqi et al , Everyone is the focus on the red carpet , But in the group photo , Li Bingbing took the lead .

white shirt 、 overalls 、 Big back , Li Bingbing, who embraces left and right, has a big man's aura . Compared with her domineering , Although other female stars are beautiful , But a little less characteristic , Became her foil .

Yuan Quan's white shirt is also a must among female stars . She gives the impression that she is intellectually generous , The white shirt matches her temperament , The two complement each other .

At the event , Yuan Quan chose a white shirt with a cross collar , Look clean and tidy , At the same time, she matched one A A herringbone skirt , Satisfied Xiaoba's perfect imagination of the goddess of knowledge .

Shu Qi's image on the red carpet is mostly micro curly long hair 、 Seductive red lips 、 Sexy dress , Don't lose yourself “ Sexy goddess ” The title of . But I didn't think she was wearing a white shirt , It can make people shine .

white shirt , Black trousers , It's a very common match , But Shu Qi wears it with a high-grade feeling . On Shu Qi , Xiaoba saw the most charming posture of light mature women .

To say, the white shirt of a female star goes with , The most classic is Gong Li in 93 Appearance at Cannes Film Festival in . white shirt , Fishtail skirt , The simple and elegant shape not only charmed a large number of fans in China , It also amazed the whole International Film Festival .

This is Gong Li's third time in Cannes , At that time, she had no green and astringent when she first went abroad . The white shirt magnifies Gong Li's maturity 、 self-confidence 、 Generous temperament , Let her impress the international .

from 93 From Gong Li in to today's nursery rhymes , White shirts never go out of style . But Xiaoba thinks , These female stars can dominate the crowd , The most important thing is that they have a strong aura , No matter what occasion you attend, you are confident and calm , Show the elegant charm of mature women .

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