The men in the e-sports competition compete with each other. Ag Yinuo and fearless are on the list. QG flying bull can be called Quan Zhilong in the e-sports circle

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men e-sports sports competition compete

It is said that the present world is an era of looking at faces , Especially after the development of the Internet ,“ Selfie can be a meal ” It has become a reality , High appearance value is very popular in all walks of life , Especially in live broadcasting . Except for the selfie anchor , Game anchors are getting more and more involved in selfie , Have you noticed that , There are more and more handsome video game anchors , Have strength and dignity , It's hard to make people pink . The following anchors compete for their looks , You are more PICK Who ?

First in fourth place is RNGM piety , As we all know, pious was invited to make a micro film at the beginning of this year , The title is 《 Winner 2》, Although it's just a guest , But it is enough to prove the face of piety , It can carry a large HD lens . Piety is not an amazing handsome guy , But his facial features are beautiful , Eyebrows and eyes are clean , He is a fresh and delicate boy .

The third is our AG I promise , In fact, Yinuo is not so handsome , But he has a cool temperament , Especially during the game , Expressionless and domineering... No one cares , Plus your talent , It's really charming . And Yinuo belongs to the more comfortable type , It's eye-catching .

Second, I have to say HERO fearless , This is the recognized male god of E-sports , Others don't say , Handsome is really handsome , Especially when he smiles , There is a warm and healing temperament of Japanese boys , Some netizens think he looks like Peng Yuchang , Take a closer look, it really looks like , There are too many pictures of fearlessness , Each one is a big boy with bright eyes and bright teeth , I love you .

The first name , Xiaobian still thinks that only QG Flying cattle can be called .Fly Not the three-dimensional appearance of big eyes and high bridge of nose , But there is a second kill King temperament , His single eyelid has also become his feature , Although the eyes are small , But the aura of the eyes is strong , Fans call him “ Video game Quan Zhilong ”, Although he is delicate , I don't lose at all , Wearing a suit is a walking sculpture , Of course , Flying bull's talent and strength give him extra points . friends , What do you think? ? What is the ranking in your mind ?

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