Coincidence or imitation? Gong Jun, Xiao Zhan and the same special effects video were exposed, but netizens' comments were very different

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coincidence imitation gong jun xiao

In the entertainment industry, if a star is successful , Then many people will follow this route to imitate and develop , So we often see two stars collide 、 Look like 、 People set up similar news .

In recent days, , Gong Jun, who hasn't been open for a long time, is in a short video APP Posted a video on , In the video, Gong Jun used short video APP Self contained “ Why are you chasing me ” This special effect shot a video , Transformed into a panda with short legs and short hands , Keep running , In the back is an eagle chasing . Gong Jun showed only one face , In order to match this scene , Gong Jun only uses facial expressions , It was very vivid .

Gong Jun showed a very urgent expression as he ran , Sometimes they look up and chase eagles , The whole person looks simple, honest and interesting . I've seen too much of the usually handsome Gong Jun , Seeing Gong Jun like this , Many people also said that it was a comic stone hammer , It's so cute . Many people even said they thought it was stolen , It's so funny that he makes everyone like it more and more .

I've seen Gong Jun's special effect video , Many people will also feel familiar , It was two months ago that Xiao Zhan also released a video using this special effect , Xiao Zhan uses vivid expressions , Perfectly interprets his label “ Interesting soul ”, At that time, it triggered a heated discussion among netizens , To obtain the 300 More than ten thousand high praise .

Xiao Zhan and Gong Jun are both actors who came from the delayed change drama , In addition, both of them are very popular , He can be called a top man , So this time I used the same special effect to shoot the video , It's hard to avoid being compared , Many people even think Gong Jun is deliberately imitating Xiao Zhan .

Many people think that this special effect is not popular now , But for a long time , If you don't look for it, it's hard to find , Gong Jun suddenly sent out such a video , It's hard not to think that he deliberately fried interesting people and imitated Xiao Zhan's behavior before , And as an artist of the same type , If it's not intentional imitation , This should be avoided as much as possible , If you think about it, you will know that it will be said to be imitation or rubbing heat .

But some people think it's a video APP Special effects publicly available on , Besides Xiao Zhan , In addition, there are 2000 More than ten thousand people have used , There is no reason to say that after Xiao Zhan used it , Other stars can no longer use . After all, he is neither the creator of the special effect , There is no patent application for the special effect .

In addition to using the same special effects this time , Previously, Gong Jun also had many behaviors that were considered to imitate Xiao Zhan , Including speaking , Dress and so on , There are a lot of online searches , For example, the most famous Gong Jun wants to get rich , He has said many times that he wants to get rich , Even your own mobile phone case is related to getting rich , And before that , Xiao Zhan also said that he wanted to get rich , And its mobile phone wallpapers are God of wealth , One is mobile phone wallpaper , One is the mobile phone case , At that time, it caused a lot of controversy .

But some people think it's just a coincidence , People have something in common , A man did it , Doesn't mean others can't do it anymore , It's just that both of you are top class now , The attention is very high , These disputes will arise . And man-made is man-made after all , Even if you can imitate the development route , But it doesn't mean you can imitate everything , Time is the best proof , And for different fans , There will also be different preferences .

Seeing Gong Jun accused of imitating Xiao Zhan , What do you think ? Welcome to comment below , Share your views with us .

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