Who is Huo Zhenting's favorite woman? No wonder he doesn't like Zhu Lingling

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huo zhenting favorite woman wonder

It turns out that the woman Huo Zhenting never forgets is her , No wonder she divorced Zhu Lingling , He is willing to stay alone all his life and never marry again .

Huo Zhenting is the eldest son of Huo Yingdong , It's Guo Jingjing's father-in-law , It is also a famous patriotic businessman 、 CPPCC members, etc , There are a lot of labels on him .

2001 year , China's successful Olympic bid , The applicant is Huo Zhenting , At that time, the national economy was still relatively difficult , Huo Zhenting took out 2 Billion to fill the vacancy , For the construction of the National Swimming Center , Save the country from danger .

Every time the Olympic Games are held , Huo Zhenting will go to the scene , Reward each mainland player , His contribution is too great , The state appointed him president of the Hong Kong Olympic Committee of China .

Although there are too many rich businessmen in Hong Kong , But the contribution of the Huo family to the country is unmatched , They have promoted the sports cause of the motherland to the world .

In fact, Huo Zhenting's family property can't compare with Li Ka Shing , But he has gained the respect and recognition of countless people with his own personality and pattern , It plays an important role in Hong Kong .

The once arrogant century thief Zhang Ziqiang , There are no people in Hong Kong who dare not move , Even Li Ka Shing's son dared to move .

But only Huo Zhenting , It is conceivable how prestigious the Huos are in Hong Kong .

In fact, Huo Zhenting can have such a big mind and vision , It is closely related to the words and deeds of his father Huo Yingdong .

Fok Ying Tung was one of the four wealthy businessmen in old Hong Kong , I'm still good friends with the gambling king , If Huo Yingdong had not extended a helping hand to the gambling king , I'm afraid there will be no later gambling king .

He was also the first businessman to be buried by the State , This is the country's great recognition and courtesy to him .

There is such a father , That's why Huo Zhenting has been influenced since childhood , He became a businessman as patriotic as his father .

What about Huo Zhenting's love life with such success in his career ? Who is the woman he wants to marry but can't marry in his life ?

Huo Zhenting's favorite woman in his life is not Zhu Lingling , It's her we know , No wonder he doesn't like Zhu Lingling .

In her youth, he Chaoying was called the most beautiful daughter of the gambling king , Even today's he chaoqiong and he ChaoLian are much inferior , It's a pity that he was ill fated .

Because Huo Yingdong and the gambling king were close brothers , Naturally, Huo Zhenting and he Chaoying are influenced by their families , The relationship is very close .

In the eyes of outsiders , They're not just a match , It's even more golden girl jade 、 A perfect couple , It seems that it is natural to come together .

But what I didn't expect was that Huo Yingdong and the gambling king disagreed in business , Because of interest disputes, the relationship is almost broken , The relationship between the two families is very tense .

Therefore, Huo Zhenting repeatedly proposed marriage to the gambling king and was rejected , At that time, the gambling king not only refused to let he Chaoying lend Huo Zhenting , In order to consolidate their business empire , He married he Chaoying to Xiao Baicheng .

Xiao Baicheng's father is a Hong Kong Funeral tycoon , This marriage has contributed to the expansion of the business territory of the gambling king .

Not only did he not agree to Huo Zhenting's proposal , Many years later , In the face of Huo Qishan's pursuit of he ChaoLian , It was also rejected by the gambling king .

Unfortunately, the gambler personally ruined his daughter's happiness , He Chaoying's married life is not happy , Not in love with her husband , Plus his brother's accidental death , Let her have mental problems and eventually die .

At he Chaoying's funeral , The gambling king did not attend , Maybe I think she's too ashamed .

On the contrary, as an outsider, Huo Zhenting came to mourn in person , tears trickling down one 's cheeks , He wants to give her one last ride , In Huo Zhenting's heart , He Chaoying is always the best first love in his heart .

She is the person he wants to marry but can't be together in his life , In fact, since he Chaoying got married , Huo Zhenting never looked for .

Until I met Zhu Lingling , Huo Zhenting spent so much energy pursuing her , But it's different after marriage and before marriage .

Is Zhu Lingling really just Huo Zhenting's “ A chess piece ” Do you ?

Huo Zhenting 1977 Watch... In “ Miss Hong Kong ” In the game , I love Zhu Lingling who won the double champion , It took a lot of energy to catch her .

Huo Yingdong also recognized this daughter-in-law very much , The Huo family gave tens of millions of betrothal gifts , Thousands of guests were invited to the wedding , It is said that weddings created Hong Kong 20 The most of many .

It's strange that the Huo family has always had a rule not to marry artists , But why do you pay so much attention to Zhu Lingling ?

Because Zhu Lingling was a Hong Kong sister , Famous , At that time, the Huo family was just going to develop sports , In order to raise awareness , So we need this marriage .

Others say the combination of Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing , It is also a step in the Huo family's commercial layout .

There is another way of saying , Zhu Lingling and he Chaoying look very similar , They are all mixed race 、 Oval face , Temperament is a little different from others , So Huo Zhenting has a compensatory psychology and comes together with Zhu Lingling .

Anyway, at last Zhu Lingling gave birth to the Huos 3 A son , Her position in the Huos seems stable , But there has been an emotional rift with Huo Zhenting .

Zhu Lingling wants to go out and play , Huo Zhenting banned her from going out with various family rules .

She failed to start a business with her friends , Huo Zhenting severely criticized her , What's more, even the jewelry she wears has to have a IOU .

One thing after another makes the relationship between them like walking on thin ice , Then the scandal between Huo Zhenting and Hou Yuting became the last straw to crush their relationship .

But for Huo Yingdong's mediation , I'm afraid Zhu Lingling won't come back , But this did not stop the final divorce between the two .

Zhu Lingling's second husband was Luo Kangrui , It is said that when the Hong Kong sisters competed , Luo Kangrui and Huo Zhenting sit side by side , He is also one of Zhu Lingling's many suitors .

But there is too much difference from the Huo family in strength , In the end, we can only give it to others , But the dog licks everything in the end .

Zhu Lingling divorced and came together with Luo Kangrui , Both married into a rich family , Zhu Lingling caused a great storm in Hong Kong .

And Huo Zhenting didn't marry again later , Devoted to his career .

Especially the marriage between Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing , It has greatly improved the popularity of the Huo family in the Mainland , It is expected to enter politics .

For the Huos , It's a crucial step .

Guo Jingjing can not only enhance the popularity of the Huo family , Similarly, her industrious and thrifty character is also loved by the Huo family , More importantly, she fell in love with Huo Qigang .

This is like bumping into the right one .

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