"Song with the king": Cheng Yi started the battle to destroy the woman's main door. Zhang Yuxi was make complaints about "silly white sweet".

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song king cheng yi started

《 Song with Jun 》 You Cheng Yi 、 Zhang to the sunrise 、 Xuan Lu 、 Ancient costume youth emotional suspense palace drama starring Han Dong and others . After the play started , I believe many Cheng Yi fans , Will find an interesting thing . The actors of the play , It looks like we've all met before , Because many actors have starred in Xianxia drama with Cheng Yi 《 Glass 》.

Cheng Yi in the new play 《 Song with Jun 》 Once again as a hero in , and 《 Song with Jun 》 The heroine of , It was replaced by 《 Glass 》 As exquisite Zhang Yuxi . Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi formed a new “ Screen CP”, At first I was worried about “ Channeling play ”, because “ Si Feng ” and “ Exquisite ” The image of is deeply imprinted in my mind . however , After watching the plot , I found this “CP sense ” Still passable .

It's just , The plot of the play , If the audience doesn't read the synopsis , May be confused . Because the male Lord Qi Yan ( Cheng Yi plays ), Start with eunuchs and a bunch of people , Almost killed the female leader Cheng Ruoyu ( Zhang Yuxi plays ) The door is full . then , Take a turn , Men and women grow up , The male Lord became emperor , The hostess became “ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ”. A lot of the audience , I don't understand when I see here , Whether they are enemies or not ?

I can tell you clearly , Men and women are not “ feud ”, There won't be any “ Revenge for killing my father ”. Because this TV play has been changed into an overhead Dynasty , So the dynasty was changed to “ Daxing ”.“ Daxing ” When xingwenzong was Emperor , Eunuchs are in power , Power fell into the hands of eunuchs . Xingwenzong and Prime Minister Wang yangben want to work together , Get rid of the big eunuch Qiu Ziliang ( He Shengming plays ), Regain imperial power , But unfortunately , The plan failed . therefore , Xingwenzong and Prime Minister Wang Yang were killed .

The male leader Qi Yan is the brother of xingwenzong , The hostess is the granddaughter of Prime Minister Wang Yang . At the beginning, the eunuch wanted to destroy the whole house of the prime minister , Qi Yan is just a “ Puppet emperor ”, Can only obey the orders of the great eunuch , So what Qi Yan did at the beginning , It's not his intention . It is worth mentioning that , It was Qiu Ziliang who shot Prime Minister Wang Yang to death , Not the man .

Simply speaking , Qi Yan is enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens , In order to be strong in the future , Can bring down Qiu Ziliang . You can refer to it 《 The deer and the cauldron 》 The story of , Kangxi also forbeared at the beginning , Finally, they joined hands with trinket to defeat aobai . It's just , The role of Qi Yan is more “ Subtly malicious ”, And carrying “ Kill your brother and usurp the throne ” The stigma of , So the process of his revenge , More pressure to bear .

As for why the hostess became “ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ”, That must start seven years ago . The two little girls who finally escaped from the prime minister's house , Are the granddaughters of the prime minister , It's just that they separated when they ran away . The hostess is my sister , Later, I lost my memory , Adopted by the imperial palace of the purple clothes Bureau , Renamed Cheng Ruoyu , When I grew up, I became “ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ”. My sister has no memory loss , Because I want revenge , So he managed to become Qiu Ziliang's adopted daughter , Also renamed Qiu Yanzhi , When I grew up, I became “ The master of the general chess camp ”.

“ Ziyi Bureau ” It was the male leader Qi Yan who used it to fight Qiu Ziliang , So female leader Cheng Ruoyu acts as “ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ”, Naturally, they are in the same camp as the male masters . And the hostess's sister Qiu Yanzhi , As “ The master of the general chess camp ”, It's obviously Qiu Ziliang's man . actually , Her ultimate goal , Also to eradicate Qiu Ziliang . therefore , Although the man seems to be in crisis , In fact, Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi , In the future, he will become the man's helper to bring down Qiu Ziliang .

however , Because Cheng Ruoyu loses his memory , I don't remember what my sister looks like . Although Qiu Yanzhi still remembers when she was a child , But she couldn't recognize her sister when she grew up . therefore , When “ Ziyi Bureau ” and “ General chess camp ” When fighting , They become them “ Sisters kill each other ” When . It's going to be late in the plot , My sister will find out that the hostess is her own sister , The story still feels a little “ Stereotypes ”.

Although Zhang Yuxi is the heroine this time , But her personal design is really unpleasant . Once on the stage, she was a valiant female official , But look, look , It becomes “ Silly white sweet ” Personal design , Probably because of amnesia , So people set up that kind of innocent “ Little girl ”. however , It's the same as her “ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ” Your identity doesn't match . After all ,“ The sword bearer of the purple Bureau ” Your duty is to protect the Emperor , But the woman's man set , It just gives people an unreliable feeling .

Xuan Lu's sister Qiu Yanzhi , Instead, it's more like someone who took the female master's script . She's like the man , It's all very “ Subtly malicious ” Role , Everyone couldn't see what she was thinking . Qiu Yanzhi can face his enemies every day , An elite who doesn't show their feet at all . The role of Qiu Yanzhi is also very inspirational , Although it is “ clasp an enemy to one's bosom ”, But let the enemy teach himself , Finally, use the skills of enemy religion , Bring down the enemy .

therefore , by comparison , The heroine played by Zhang Yuxi ,“ Silly white sweet ” People make complaints about it . Today's audience , Yeah, really “ Silly white sweet ” The lady is immune , Zhang Yuxi can create the lovely and clever side of the hostess , however “ Stupid ” The character of the , In this costume drama , It seems particularly abrupt , It's hard for the audience to have a sense of substitution . however , Now it's just on the air , If the female Lord will change later , Maybe there's something to see .

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