Futai Lizi and her two daughters make desserts. The luxurious kitchen is as spacious as the living room, with pigeon egg diamond rings on their hands

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futai lizi daughters make desserts.

In recent days, , Lizzie shared the life trends of making dessert with her daughter on the social platform , I saw their mother and daughter wearing aprons , Holding a flower mounting bag , Carefully milking oil into the mold .

After the dessert is made , Lizzie put it on a delicate dish , Specially take photos as a souvenir . same day , She's wearing a striped shirt , Round face , The right hand wears a diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg , The light is shining , Like a fluorescent lamp .

in addition to , Lizzie is still taking pictures in the kitchen , And her kitchen not only has a super large cooking table , And there are three shelves on it , All kinds of dishes 、 The spices are placed neatly , The space is more spacious than the living room of ordinary people .

Sure enough , After Lizzy's dynamic release , Immediately attracted netizens' comments and praise . Some netizens praised Lizi's cooking , Some netizens also joked , Lizzie's diamond ring is too big , Aren't you afraid of your hand ?

Li Zi's current rich status makes many netizens envy , Little imagine , She also had a hard time .

Li zi 14 I started to support my family at the age of , Worked hard in the entertainment industry 33 year , By virtue of 《 War And Beauty 》 Get “ After sight ”. During that time , Her career is at its zenith .

2007 year , Lizi starred in the Taiqing opera as a heroine 《 one 's clothes were covered all over with jewels and valuable buttons 》. For this play , Lizzie devoted a lot of effort . At that time , It's common for them to play all night , Even when filming on the Plateau , appear “ High anti ” nose bleeding , She never complained .

lo ,《 one 's clothes were covered all over with jewels and valuable buttons 》 Halfway through , Lizzie's brother had a serious car accident , I learned that my brother was dying , She was burning with anxiety .

At that time , As soon as Lizzie finished filming, she ran to the hospital , It doesn't matter if you don't have time to sleep . So fast , I am exhausted .

Fortunately, with the help of doctors and family , Slowly recover , Lizzie's hanging heart also slowly put down .

2008 year , Lizzie announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry . after , She married businessman Ma Tingqiang . According to media reports , Her husband's wealth is about 10 Million Hong Kong dollars . After marriage , Lizi naturally became a rich family, Kuo Tai .

however , Li Zi, who became kuota, didn't stop working . She took over the beauty salon founded by her brother , Into business . after 13 Years of hard work , Lizi's medical beauty company was successfully listed , Market capitalization of about 8 Billion .

“ I've experienced a lot of lows since I was a child , It's a hard experience , But without these hardships , There would be no Lizzie now .” She once said so in an interview .

Now , Liz's life is still busy and full . She will cook herself , Take your daughter to exercise , Do manual , Enjoy parent-child time .

meanwhile , She is also obsessed with work , Often visit the company , Don't let go of every detail , Will make the bed myself , Treat customers with a good service attitude .

Many netizens envy Lizi's rich life , Envy that she can marry someone she likes . Little imagine , Lizzie herself is a hard-working and capable woman , Even if she doesn't marry the rich , Her life is still wonderful , This is her greatest charm .

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