Luo Zhixiang admitted that he would return and comforted fans: I will try to return to my original position

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luo zhixiang admitted return comforted

8 month 8 Japan , Luo Zhixiang's fans edited a video about Luo Zhixiang , Luo Zhixiang was deeply moved when he saw it , Personally replied to the fans , Admit that you will be back , And ask fans to give him some time .

Fans posted videos on Weibo saying they originally wanted to celebrate Luo Zhixiang's birthday , But the editing has never been satisfactory , So let it out and give it to everyone , Also to Luo Zhixiang , Aite Luo Zhixiang and said :“ Our story , It's not over yet ”.

Luo Zhixiang himself in 8 month 8 I saw the video edited by this fan on the evening of the th , Luo Zhixiang was deeply moved , He left a message in the comment area :“ Thank you , I saw the !”, Thank the fans for their intentions , Then he left a message saying :“ I won't disappear , Give me some time , I will try to get back to my original seat ! Because there are you ”, Admit that you will be back , And will try to return to the previous position .

Luo Zhixiang's reply gave fans great comfort , Got the support of many fans , They left messages saying :“ take your time , Go ahead together ”“ I know you can ”“ We all miss you, baby ”.

Since Zhou Yangqing exposed Luo Zhixiang's cheating scandal , Luo Zhixiang was ruined , It's marked “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ” The label of , Luo Zhixiang also lost his job , It took a long time to update the social networking platform , I also tried to make a comeback , Not only was the response mediocre , It was also resisted by netizens , Luo Zhixiang had to suspend his comeback plan , At present, Luo Zhixiang still has no specific work , Just occasionally voice on major social networking platforms , Interact with fans , This reply will not disappear , And let fans give him time , It can be seen that he has a comeback plan .

Another party involved in Zhou Yangqing's Luo Zhixiang incident, Butterfly Sister Jian Kaile, is not as lucky as Luo Zhixiang , After the scandal came out , Jane Keller has also become the target of public criticism , Cooperative brands have voiced their desire to get rid of the relationship , And face huge claims , After the expiration of the company contract with Luo Zhixiang , There was no renewal , Has lost contact with the entertainment industry so far , Earlier, Taiwan media reported that , Jane Keller has been married with a low profile , Because my mother-in-law family cares about the previous negative news , Jane Kaile may choose to quit the entertainment industry .

Zhou Yangqing became the last big winner , Attention has skyrocketed , It also attracted a lot of traffic for its own store , At the same time, Zhou Yangqing also took advantage of the heat to enter the entertainment circle , Participated in the recording of many variety shows .

While your career is booming , Zhou Yangqing also gained love , After walking out of the last love affair with Luo Zhixiang , Zhou Yangqing announced a new love affair , The new boyfriend is rich second generation Luo Hao , They were first photographed on a date , Then he recorded a variety show 《 The love of daughters 》, In the program, the two show their love by throwing dog food .

however , Recently, it was revealed that Zhou Yangqing broke up with his rich second-generation boyfriend Luo Hao , I'm ready to date other male guests , Luo Hao had previously photographed other girls at night , Netizens also make complaints about it 《 The love of daughters 》 The program is poisonous , Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng who participated in the recording before 、 Xiao Yaxuan and her boyfriend 、 Xu Lu and Zhang MingEn broke up after taking part in the recording of this program .

If it's true , Zhou Yangqing just came out of the last “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ” Luo Zhixiang's feelings hurt , As soon as I turned around, I met “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ”, It's really hard !

Some netizens also think that , The relationship between Zhou Yangqing and Luo Hao cannot be ruled out as hype by the program group for heat , They are probably just acting with the program group .

however , Whether it's acting or not , Luo Zhixiang sees that Zhou Yangqing has developed so well , Will you regret it ?

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