"Yearning for life 5" has cancelled three links, and the interest of the program has been reduced

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yearning life cancelled links program

This year's 《 Desired life 5》 It's over 6 It's time for the show , According to the practice of the previous four seasons , This program is usually 12 period , in other words ,《 Desired life 5》 It's over half aired . however , Compared with the previous seasons, when the program is updated, there are several hot searches ,《 Desired life 5》 It seems a little dull , Only Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing clarified that the episode of the scandal was a highlight moment .

Besides , I believe many people are seriously chasing 《 Desired life 5》 The audience also found , I don't know if this season's program is not well prepared ? Or does the director group want to change the program mode ? This season's program is a little regular , And it seems rigid , Many classic links in previous seasons have been cancelled , But there are a variety of implants .

《 Desired life 》 The reason why this program can become the evergreen variety of mango satellite TV , There are no more than two cores , One is to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city , Enjoy the quiet of the countryside with three or five friends . The second is to invite friends of permanent guests to be guests , A group of people work together 、 Have dinner together 、 Talk with each other , This rare comfort is “ Desired life ” The true meaning of .

When the permanent guests are fixed , The flying guests invited by the program group each time become the point of curiosity and expectation of the audience . stay 《 Desired life 》 In previous seasons , Usually, flying guests don't visit the mushroom house directly , Instead, I'll call the landline of the mushroom house first , Then order .

Although variety shows have scripts , He Jiong 、 Huang Lei and others must know the identity of the flying guests , But this link is still very interesting for the audience , For example, flying guests will tease Peng Yuchang and Zhang Zifeng who answer the phone , For example, flying guests will deliberately change their voices and order some difficult dishes .

But this season 《 Desired life 5》 This link was cancelled , All the flying guests dragged their suitcases directly to the mushroom , No call in advance , There's no ordering in advance . After the guests' visit , What's in the mushroom house , Or what is prepared in the five bushels of rice warehouse , The guests exchanged by planting trees . Although in this way, the program team may want to give a freshness to the program that has achieved the fifth season , But it's less interesting .

《 Desired life 》 The reason why it has been recognized by the audience is the real life , In addition to working together 、 Besides eating, drinking and talking , And because a group of good friends can put down the trouble of work , Enjoy playing games , That is, the group game after dinner, which has been recognized by the audience in previous seasons .

《 Desired life 》 In the first four seasons , It can be said that it provides a lot of group games for the audience , Like switch games 、 Leg clamping competition 、 Horse counting game 、abcd Games etc. . Although these games are well known to loyal audiences , But for many flying guests , They don't have time to go back to the season , So if 《 Desired life 5》 Keep these games , So for the new flying guests , They also looked confused when they played , And this is the interest of the program pursued by the audience .

however ,《 Desired life 5》 Cancelled the group game after dinner , Instead, it was changed to collective foot soaking . It's hard to understand why the program group arranged this link , Even if everyone is tired of the previous games , The guests sat around and talked about interesting things in the entertainment circle , It can also add a lot of highlights to the program .

Many viewers must have noticed , This season 《 Desired life 5》 in , Not yet “ well-known dish ” Born in the hands of Huang Lei , And in previous seasons , Fried noodles in yellow kitchen 、 Noodles in Scallion, Oil and Soy Sauce 、 Scallion cake 、 Stir fried meat with chili 、 Braised Pork 、 Low configuration version of Buddha jumping wall, etc .

But this season 《 Desired life 5》 in , Although Huang Lei is still the one guarding the kitchen , But the program team didn't cook too many scenes for Huang Lei , And it also directly cancelled many links in which Huang Lei explained the steps when cooking , Most of the time, Huang Lei said what to cook , Then a few minutes later, the dishes are on the table .

Of course , In the latest program , However, Huang Lei explained in detail the method of boiled meat slices , But that's because Zhang Yixing made a mistake in the kitchen , Not only won't you make a fire , And almost destroyed Huang Lei's stew on the fire . In order not to hurt Zhang Yixing's self-confidence and enthusiasm in cooking , So Huang Lei gave Zhang Yixing the steps of boiled meat slices in detail .

Mention this clip , Then I have to mention Zhang Yixing's cook accusation in this season's program . Maybe the program team is trying to relieve Huang Lei's pressure in the kitchen , Or maybe Zhang Yixing really loves master Huang Lei , So there are several meals on this season's program , Both Huang Lei and Zhang Yixing practice cooking , Or is it entirely Zhang Yixing “ Chef ” Of .

In general ,《 Desired life 5》 Cancelled the above 3 Every link , It makes the program less interesting , If 《 Desired life 5》 And this 3 If there is one link , It must be a lot better . As a variety show that has reached the fifth season ,《 Desired life 》 It's not a success , After all, it has become one of the most important variety shows of mango in the first half of each year .

People still have three years of pain and seven years of itch , What's more, it's a variety show growing up in front of the national audience , It is understandable that the program group wants to change the invariable program mode , But this process is confused , Even the results will not be accepted by everyone .

Of course , Come back , even 《 Desired life 5》 Many problems , But it's still playing in the same program , This is the audience and reputation accumulated by the four seasons programs . Even if this program changes “ Labor pains ” Of , But a large number of loyal viewers will still expect it to “ Freshmen ”, Continue to give the busy audience in the city the hope of yearning for life .

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