Looking at Bian Tianyang's face changing acting skills, I found that acting skills have nothing to do with age. I started after 00!

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looking bian tianyang face changing

Someone is chasing 《 List of looted treasures in the antique Bureau 》 My friend !

As a rare antique treasure appraisal theme in domestic dramas ,《 Antiques Bureau 》 Has been shooting for three consecutive seasons .

The third season is about the story of Xu Yicheng and others guarding national treasures .

The plot is developing to the most wonderful climax , The old court was named , Xu Yicheng washes away his grievances , Drugs to help solve the case .

Many people pay attention to Bian Tianyang who plays medicine , Boast that he can act .

Yao Lai is one of the five descendants of Xuanmen , Father's cautious medicine is the mainstay of the five veins , He is the heir appointed by elder Shen , Status is unshakable .

Medicine as the only son is useless , Before meeting Xu Yicheng , The routine of medicine is like this :

Make friends with street gangsters , Fighting crickets , Smoke a lot .

Xu Yicheng is an important person who touches medicine to change .

In the process of tracing the old worship , Xu Yicheng was framed by Luo Laosi , Get caught in prison , Yao Lai volunteered to be an undercover .

It was an admirable decision , Because before the medicine came, he stepped into Luo Laosi's plot , Has led to a small misunderstanding , The dislike of friends .

Once you fail again , I can't wash the medicine when I jump into the Yellow River .

But this fear of my father , The medicine is firm .

In the past, my son was a naughty and unskilled man , Now willing to pay for friends , This change is very gratifying for Yao Shenxing , He grabbed the medicine's hand , Gently wiped the dust for him , For the first time, show a gentle side to your son .

The medicine is obviously moving , The twinkling of his eyes betrayed his heart .

My former father , Frequently beat, scold and complain about drugs , Iron does not make steel , This kind of recognition and care is rare .

Bian Tianyang used such a small action to make the audience understand the change of medicine at the moment .

This kind of detailed deduction still has a lot ,

The wronged little medicine master sobbed silently ,

Misunderstood, anxious and speechless ,

The twists and turns of inner calculation ,

comparison 《 To know whether 》 Gu tingye, a young man in the 、《 Manslaughter 》 Su cha in , It's really a face changing performance !

Surprisingly, Bian Tianyang is just full 18 year , It can be seen that sometimes acting has nothing to do with age , Start looking forward to new roles !

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