Beijing station is making trouble! Zhang Yixing and Qin Niu Zhengwei's new play are broadcast at the same time, which won't give Wu Yifan face!

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beijing station making trouble zhang

In yesterday, , With the end of the Olympic Games , It also makes the entertainment industry the focus of attention again , among , The hottest one is Wu Yifan , Since the results of criminal detention were reported at the end of last month , There has always been a high degree of discussion , It even went beyond the Olympic topic for a time , meanwhile , With the roll call of many official media , I'm afraid Wu Yifan will never come out this time .

And now , Beijing Satellite TV is doing things directly , There are two TV dramas on file , Namely 《 Black storm 》 and 《 Dear parents 》, Announced on 8 month 9 Daily broadcast , In particular, the former can be said to have a high degree of attention , After all, it was Sun Honglei and Zhang Yixing who played a TV play , A few days ago, a preview of the show was released , From the overall amount of topics, it has attracted much attention , After all, so far this year , There are few suspense plays ,《 Black storm 》 It also makes up for the blank of this theme .

More Than This , The director of the play is directed by 500 , He is also the director who has shot the most suspense subjects in recent years , The overall work also has a certain reputation , meanwhile , Jiang Shuying and Che Xiao will also play the play in the form of friendship guest stars , Because I acted with sun Honglei and Zhang Yixing 《 Good sir 》, The four people cooperate again after many years , It's also a big point .

and ,《 Black storm 》 Or based on real events , Plus Wu Yue 、 Wang Zhifei 、 Liu Zhibing 、 Wu Xiaoliang and other powerful actors , meanwhile , This is also the first time that Zhang Yixing and sun Honglei acted as the absolute male number one in the last star drama , After years of training , There must be some improvement in acting .

and 《 Dear parents 》 It's an emotional drama of the age , By Yan Ni 、 Wang Yanhui 、 Zhang Yijie 、 Zhai Xiaowen leads the role , And Qin Niu Zhengwei joined as female No. 2 , There are also many very important scenes in the play , Because there are many senior actors in the play , It also ensures the overall reputation .

But why do you say these two plays are making things ? Because Beijing Satellite TV is a TV station designated by Chaoyang District police station , It means that Wu Yifan in his cell can also see this TV station , Zhang Yixing and Qin niuzhengwei were once members of the group , The other is one of the girls who used to have a relationship with him , Their works are broadcast at the same time , Wu Yifan will certainly see .

More Than This , Zhang Yixing's 《 Black storm 》 With Qin Niu Zhengwei 《 Dear parents 》 It's still multicast , It means that the two plays are seamlessly connected , This obviously doesn't give Wu Yifan face , When he sees it , I'm sure it's hard .

What do you think of this ?

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